The New Americanist Cult, Same as the Old One

Yesterday the US Supreme Court upheld a new Texas law that limits abortions to six weeks of a pregnancy. Of course the left went apoplectic about how we're heading towards a Handmaid's Tale world. Eh.

I do agree, however. 

The law is monstrously evil.

Whutdt? How can that be? It is the best pro-life legislation so far! We're cheering for all those saved babies!

Eh. Maybe some will be saved, and that's a good thing, certainly. But it won't be as many as they think. It won't be as many as it should be because Rome makes it that way.

First of all, abortion-minded women will still make their way to New Mexico or whatever illegal clinics still widely available. Secondly, the law does not criminalize abortion, it merely turns it into a civil case whereupon a litigant may take an abortionist to court and sue. Thirdly, this is still about whether or not a state decides that abortion is okay or not okay or kind-of okay -- the same foolish logic applied to slavery in Kansas back in 1856, and you know how that turned out. If not look it up, you'll see.

Most importantly the law still allows abortions up to six weeks. Sooo, you're not a human being at five weeks? What numbskulls made the weighty moral pronouncement that when a heartbeat is detected you're now officially designated a human being, thus, by default, you are not so beforehand? What if a baby has a heartbeat at five weeks but we just don't detect it -- I mean, our detecting it is what determines the value of a human being?

The reason 97% of pro-lifers simply do not get this is because they are so thoroughly Catholicized. They just can't get that all the casuistry and dissembling and equivocation and flat-out idiocy about the abortion debate is because Rome makes it that way. If people lived by the words of Scripture fully residing in the Kingdom and speaking wisdom and righteousness and Grace and Truth from there, they would value marriage and family the way God established it and consider sexual relations with the commensurate understanding. Abortion would not even be a word in the English language, and there would then be no need for ridiculous laws passed in order to make it seem like System mandarins were doing something about it.

The latest from CJ Hopkins says some fascinating things about these phenomena, and I'd like to direct your attention to it. In addressing the newest Covid mandate absurdities he points out that these people are simply living in a totally different reality. No wonder. They're fully given over to Cain's legacy. He makes the great point that the totalitarianism that it always is and always has been, is never revealed as such so openly or they'd be found out. So the potentates who oversee the thing and the minions who administer it have to be very careful to keep imaginatively concealing what they really are.

Thing is, if things to get a little testy... no big deal! Then you get pockets of rebellion -- or even a full-on revolution! Cool! And that serves just as well as the most delectable banquet for the vast number of System ops to devour.

Right now we all see so much insanity from our public officials followed by the usual "I'm mystified!" or from the well-worn theorizmografying pundit "It's really this thing!" or "It's really that thing! Really!" and it's all just the same regurgitated spittle. Yawn.

All the hysterical lunacy that forms the latest Covid public health policy? It is there, that exact way, because Rome wants it that way.

All that distressing Afghanistan stuff? Rome, all over the place.

All the gender this and gender that -- something new every day! Rome makes all of it precisely the way it is happening out there.

All the opioid-based (or any illicit substance abuse) overdoses and deaths? Rome is ensuring it is happening just like that.

All that makes up the new "critical race theory" inquisition? Rome likes it going really good, just as it was 400, 500 years ago -- in fact as it has always been.

All that is the massive economic bubble about to blow up, just like all the others? Rome.

All the questionable election procedures exposing the pretend democracy for what it is? Rome again.

All that awesome stuff about the Covidian Cult -- spot on! But that cult and all the others belong to Rome, put there to do exactly what Rome wants them to do, that's all.

You see, today's legitimate hegemony is indeed Rome authoritatively representing Cain's Legacy and when Hopkins writes that these totalitarianists are living by a different reality, I know exactly what he means. They haven't a clue what the real reality is because they are right there with Cain having left God's presence to dwell in the city. Oh the city looks really good, it does. But it is just dazzling simulacra. It is not the Kingdom. See the fourth chapter of Genesis for more -- and note that God did something very interesting... He made it so Rome was protected in doing all of these things, by divine order. Please, read the chapter, you'll see it there.

Yes, I sorrow over all the Covid hysteria right now destroying young people's lives. But I have to believe that God is allowing Cain to have his way by way of Rome's machinations making all of this happen to somehow, someway draw people to Him. I wonder if any of my pushback against it means anything, and that I should really just let it be as a matter of God simply fulfilling His own purposes of bringing His Kingdom -- in what way I can't say except for the one thing I do know. That is simply

Be His.

Be His disciple ready to offer His mercy and forgiveness and joy and peace and healing and wholeness and wonder and overwhelming grace to those who see the insanity of those things all around and simply want The Freedom. Be the one individual who can speak clarity and meaning into people's lives as they see the System for what it really is and that it cannot provide nourishment for the soul. 

The only food that satisfies is Christ, not something that is like Him. The World has thousands of different kinds of Christs -- Jesus talked about them! "They are anti-Christs [plural]! Do not follow them! Lots of really sweet-sounding voices try to pull you away but listen for My voice!"

All of this blogging here, ahem, all of it really just to introduce you to my latest home page piece, this one about the delightful System practice of gaslighting. Are you sure the voices you are heeding are from the Kingdom? If you're not deep in Scripture and learning about Who He Is And What He Says, then how could you know His voice when He calls?

Otherwise you may just be being gaslit.

There are so many who are.


To discover the amazing history of the robust formation of today's Legacy of Cain, please read this book. It is online, the whole thing, in a PDF. But do so prayerfully, with Scripture in your other hand. Speaking of which, I'd also take a look again at the 16th chapter of Luke. Read the whole thing, prayerfully. There you will see clearly the profound distinction between the World and the Kingdom. That is, unless you simply cannot extract yourself from The Cult's grip. I think, however, if you simply ask Christ to reach out and pull you from it, He will. You don't have to do a thing except ask Him. He'll do the rest. Just ask Him. 


The image is the painting Souls on the Banks of Acheron by Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl, 1898.



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