The Empire's New Clothes

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about this thing freedom of speech. I know lots of Americanists have been obsessed with this thing for quite some time, but the bleating about it these days seems to be much louder, especially since huge celebrity commercial emperor Elon Musk has supposedly liberated the largest social media platform around. He's fired all the people who spent their workday seeing who's posting objectionable things and checking to see if those things are influencing too many people. If so, ::click:: you're outta there.

No freedom of speech for YOU.

I don't know about you, but it seems to me you'd don't really need government to say whether or not you are allowed to say something. The disciples said a ton of stuff about Jesus all the time, and they were put in prison for those things all the time, but they could still say stuff about Him. Roman emperors sent early Christians into the ferocious wildlife arena at dinnertime, and it seems to me they could keep talking. Sure they died, but in the hands of Christ they are right now living in complete joy for eternity with Him some 2,000 years later, using their vocal chords quite freely to join angel choirs lifting praises to Him.

So your squawking about freedom of speech is -- what now? Your point is what exactly?...

Here's another Truth Rule very much related to this. Because people feel that can blap anything they want because of this sacrosanct thing freedom of speech does not mean everything people say is okay. This is one of those very annoying things about the FREEDOM-OF-SPEECH-AT-ALL-COSTS people, they're all "We should defend someone's right to say it even if it is offensive."

Umm... really?

There is a comedy show on cable called I Think You Should Leave and the dude who headlines it does a fantastic job calling out this foolishness. In one sketch he is joined by a group of tourists touring a real-live-actual haunted house. The host is prepared to regale them with stories about the resident ghosts and all that, but before he begins he says something like, "We're all adults here, so I want you to feel free to share your questions and remarks without inhibition." Everyone smirks and chuckles because everyone has this understanding innuendo is welcome and everyone may richly enjoy the crass ribaldry should it arise. 

One guy in the back didn't get the memo. He immediately rattles off a series of the worst sexually explicit profanity-laced questions, loudly and brashly but quite sincerely. Instantly everyone is made very uncomfortable. He is told to tone it down, but doesn't. When reprimanded again he very truthfully declares, "Hey, you said I was free to share any questions and remarks I had. Were you lying before when you said that?"

It is indeed very funny but also very discomforting. 

And exceptionally pointed.

I also think about the wickedly progressive once-stalwart Protestant churches that now hang rainbow banners across their fronts with all kinds of "We accept everyone!" messages. It blows my mind how 150 years ago the best preachers of these churches were boldly and truthfully warning with great detail and conviction about the massive influence of the Roman Ecclesiocracy and its deep System Ops. Well those congregants didn't pay as much attention as they should have because Rome has largely succeeded since then, because today the congregants of those same churches applaud when someone "comes out" with some rabidly unconventional exceedingly iniquitous sexual identity. 

So what would happen if someone one Sunday morning walked into one of those churches where everyone and anyone is welcome -- hey, don't abridge that holiest-of-holies freedom of speech! -- and that person started doing the same thing the I Think You Should Leave Guy did? "Hey Mr. Pastor! Your 10 year-old daughter is hot! I'd like to #%*&#%!..." and all the rest of it. Loudly. Not stopping. I mean, really, if that's who he authentically is. If that's his "sexual orientation," what does anyone have to say about it?



Please be tolerant now.

The stupidity blares so viciously from these places.

Well guess what else. The Twittersphere is in the midst of a freedom of speech typhoon right now with Kanye West talking all about how much he likes Hitler. I peek at Twitter often enough and it blows my mind how many people have felt the need to remark about how much they now hate Kanye. Lord Elon has indeed done that one thing everyone has said he should NEVER EVER EVER NEVEREVERNEVEREVERNEVER do EVER again.

Ban people from Twitter.

Indeed, he suspended Kanye West's account.


I kinda thought...


There was that thing, that thing.......... freedom of speech?....... Maybe?... I guess?...


Excuse me, but which is it?

The reality is Kanye West is just a somebody, a somebody just like any other somebody, who did manage to get a bit more notoriety than other somebodies with some performance art that got a bit more widely broadcast than many other somebodies' did. I don't want to smear him because I don't know him and haven't spoken with him or taken time to get to know him, but those few times he has been showcased in interviews and such he has said nonsensical incomprehensible things and appears tremendously boorish.

Therefore I don't pay any attention to Kanye West. He is not in my circle of consideration as are my family members, friends, or others I actually like to listen to. I also don't pay any attention to him because he has not invited me into his realm. Really, just like it is with every celebrity, his affairs are none of my business.

"But wait!" you may say. "Kanye West has invited you in because he himself has decided to let everyone in on his business by choosing to be such a public figure!"

And your point is?

He doesn't have to influence you with anything he says if you don't want him to! Everyone's reaction to his remarks about Hitler demonstrate his power over those people. I believe those people who feel they must make some kind of statement of disfavor for what West said are signifying how much influence this guy has over them. They've chosen that. Otherwise what he says about anything is nothingness no matter how repulsive it may be.

"But wait" -- whupp here it is again. You may say "Kanye influences lots of people no matter what you think about it! People just can't be influenced to like Hitler, especially a lot of people! So we do need government in some form, whether it is the Ministry of Disinformation or Elon Musk or somebody to regulate it all!"

And now we've got this newish idea pushed out there of stochastic terrorism raising its ugly head, the idea that someone's speech if influential enough can get someone or worse a bunch of people to commit violence so it is best to stop the speech to begin with.

And then you've got everyone up-in-arms about how much freedom of speech exactly someone should have or not have and how much Lord Biden or Lord Musk or Whomever Lord Potentate must regulate speech and yada-yada-yada.

There is an answer to this dilemma. 

The World System will in some way regulate speech it doesn't like, even provoking it so it can be out-and-about looking good prosecuting it. It does it all the time. It has always done it, yet right now the New York Times and the World Ops who inform its scribes are feeling threatened that their control over the narrative may not be as ironclad as it's always been. Their words have been successfully pounded into the hearts and minds of good wholesome Catholicists occupying those now-milquetoast Protestant churches who love to virtue-signal about how tolerant and caring they are, but the fact is that church's personnel will summarily call the police and after a few moments the I Think You Should Leave kind of guy will be rudely escorted out of the building -- so much for "We accept everyone no matter who you are."


There is indeed an alternative to that madness.

Indeed He is The Alternative, but please, that's dismissing Him and His authority. He's no alternative to anything.

He is, however, The "I Am." As such he utterly destroys all attempts to deconstruct Him. He simply IS already. Furthermore He is The Kingdom where the real freedom is as the true sanctuary from the dangers of anything reside.

Those dangers include the horrific stupidity that does come from the mouths of anyone whose words do murder. That's another really annoying thing I hear, "There is no such thing as hate speech." Also "Words don't kill."

Oh there is, and they do. Just because you worship the Freedom of Speech god doesn't mean words don't kill.

The only place to go where words are peace and blessing and healing and mercy and beauty is the Living Word. Jesus Christ is Him. He's the place, so to speak. The entrance is narrow mind you, because His words are truth and meaning and righteousness.

Take a look at the book of Proverbs. Really, read a few of them. You can't miss that it is so easy for people to say tremendously stupid things, but that if you're immersed in Him and His words and His wisdom...

There is life.

It is life to the fullest with rich bountiful interactions with others who see you as a wellspring of grace and joyfulness. I'd humbly suggest you check out the 49th Psalm, a beautiful passage about real freedom of speech and its eternal meaning.

All this here in this blog post, by the way, is to share with you my latest home page piece. Would love for you to read it, think about it, and above all tell The Living Word how much you want to reside in the Kingdom. Thanks.


The image was clipped from and itself is a screenshot of the I Think You Should Leave Netflix show.



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