Rome is the Boss Troll and We're All Just Trollees Along for the Ride

Out on my walk I came upon a nice looking young couple from behind -- the woman pushing a stroller and the man walking a dog on a leash. I thought, how nice, they've got a small child... until the gal turned around and the stroller was empty. It was for the dog. The dog then hopped in and the couple then went back the other way.

This is just an anecdotal story and this couple may be planning to have children or they may even have them back home being watched by grandma while they are out. They may also be unable to have children for whatever reason, but it makes me think about how many young adults hypnotized by the Frankfurt School dogma are swearing off having children because of things like their perceptions of climate change or the bothersome intrusions of the oppressive heteropatriarchy. I mean, it is perfectly rational, why bring children into a world that appears so threatening?

It is, however, thoroughly unrighteous. 

It is not hard to see why, in the simplest sense. If their parents felt the same way, then they'd have been, essentially, murdered long ago. They wouldn't be around themselves. The decision a healthy and loving couple makes to deliberately avoid having children is a patently unrighteous thing -- whether or not they can actually achieve that.

A critical aspect to this progressing ugliness relates to a Truth Rule I've wanted to share here as a follow-up to my thread about everything said out there is really just a Grand Trolling Field. I thought, huh, here I am being a trollee again, sharing something in response to stupid people blithering about some insane thing, sharing a response that is so stunningly and axiomatically truthful that -- yes, all I'm doing is being a trollee, giving some other idiot the pleasure of enjoying my vigorous pushback against the idiocy.

Really, the whole world is a vast Romanist trolling operation, again expanding at breakneck speed because of social media augmented by the better bigger faster SPIT (Super-Fast Processing Information Technology), something most people foolishly call "A.I." 

But then, hey, this Truth Rule I'm going share here, huh, isn't it the case that I'm being the troll? I'm the one sharing something so heinously triggering to the Frankfurt Schoolkids that they'd get on with the trolleeing?

Well, here goes.

On the kitchen counter I frequently had my gaze directed at one of the special-edition plates that my very elderly father-in-law gave us, one that just happened to be there on that counter. I've reproduced it here. My contemplation about that image, one drawn by the very renowned Norman Rockwell and stuck on a dinner plate for those who really like that 50s kitsch, got me to think further about something I'd been ruminating about for some time, particularly in this age of explosive sodomist insanity.

You might be able to divine the Truth Rule there in the image. It isn't just that There Are Boys and There Are Girls, yes, two very inviolate Truth Rules indeed.

It has to do with what they are wearing.

Thus, the Truth Rule of the day:

Many social constructs are objective, transcendent, teleological.

That's the Truth Rule, and it does mean that God has already established things like dress when it comes to telling others the truth about who you really are. 

Look at the image. It is not hard to tell the girl from the boy. She is wearing something that is definitively designed to tell the world that she is indeed a girl. She cannot be anything other. And for the purpose of healthy interactions with others who must objectively, transcendently, and teleologically know she is a girl, she must put on her body items that signify that.

To do otherwise means she would be lying.

It is the same for the boy. He must do the same thing.

And yes, sorry Epicurean-minded freedom-screechers, they must.

Not all social constructs are man-made. But because the Frankfurt Schoolkids have jettisoned any idea of God and His objective truth standards, they believe every social construct is malleable. Sorry, but the Truth Rule: They aren't -- some are, I agree, but many are God-given. Acceptance of that, and wide promotion of that Truth Rule is actually the healthy and righteous thing to do.

Trollees looking at that can scream and holler and rage as much as they want. (So much fun!) But you know? I really think 90% of the people out there know the Truth Rule here. Yes I do know often females wear jeans and have their hair cut short and do those kinds of things that aren't exactly keeping with the Victorian Age version of feminine expression. But you know something else? In almost every case they are still wearing jeans made for females, and they they have their hair done in female oriented ways, and they have on makeup and jewelry that can only signify they are females.

When a male does those things in the ways that females already firmly know signify that they are female? Then yes...

They are lying to everyone around them.

And it doesn't matter how much some guy tries to say he's a gal or vice-versa, a guy is still a guy and a gal is still a gal and if they do things to try to show how much they are the other or neither or non-binary or all-that or nothing-other-than-this-or-that or whatever they are doing to lie to everyone around them about who they are, then they are still being wretchedly deceitful and wholly disrespectful to others.

There is so much more I could share about this -- lots of thinking about this all -- and of course trolling about it all. I'm only doing it here because this is my ministry. I only want to share The Freedom from all of that for anyone who'd see the reality of the Truth Rule and respond in the best way possible. And that is to turn and go to Christ. He is the only freedom there is, from any of any of that.

The twisted thing in all of this is that the Roman Catholic Ecclesiocracy is the main driver all of this emotional and spiritual violence spewed everywhere. On the one hand Rome is a fantastic condemner -- thank goodness for those in the Jesuit Order acting as the most proficient World Ops to get people into their sodomist hellholes but then unleash the very legitimate System enforcement mechanisms to crack heads as needed.

The tricky part is that Rome invents hundreds of alternate Jesuses for people to either worship or to revile -- both are sufficient to keep people in sin-condemnation sin-condemnation sin-condemnation merry-go-round. I do very much get why sodomist-minded people want to "change their sexual identity" or "conform to who they think they've been all along" or something to get people to like them because they are so crushed by the weight of that sin-condemnation horror. It is very rational! Especially when all they see are System-marketed Jesuses and the very smiley influencers who work so valiantly to draw them into worship of them.

But then, hey, that can't be so bad when they do find that their Jesus, in the instance of this blog post the one who tells them it's just spiffy that they have a wild new sexual identity of their own choosing -- that they find that this Jesus of theirs is really one who keeps them frighteningly enslaved and interminably miserable.

That's the World.

There is the Kingdom.



The first image is clipped from Focus on the Family, thank you. It is, incidentally, from an article about the differences between boys and girls. Here's a link to that article, by the way. Those verses right there from Proverbs are from the 20th chapter, and eviscerate the sodomist mentality as much as anything I could ever say. I should add, however, a verse with The Mercy, from the tenth chapter of Romans: "Anyone who believes in [Jesus] will never be put to shame."



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