Don't Worry, I'm a Trollee Too

I had hoped to put up an expansive follow-up post to my "There are only trolling fields" thread, but it is just too much. I've shared it before, there is just so much tremendously abject folly sloshing about everywhere that it does just get to be overwhelming. I just don't have time to address it all -- and I do so only in the name of my blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and only so others who do happen to come across these words will seek to enter the Kingdom by the Only Way In.

But then, wow, I see so much out there from fools who with their rigidly entrenched Epicurean ideology go waaay out of their way to make people like me look crazy. Sharing Christ and Kingdom can be quite daunting! But then, that's precisely what I must confess in this post. All the filth spewed out by so many in a richly Catholicist nation cannot dampen the power of God's Word to penetrate hard hearts.

Yet then I can see how much of a trollee I am. I see the ugliness and I just cringe inside because I don't have much of that Power of Reach to get people to see it then find Christ then be free. I see the ugliness of what the Radical Selfists do to destroy lives and souls, and it does hurt -- yet I also see the just-as-ugly things the Devout Romanists do and I hurt just as much.

And then sure enough I leap right into the good wholesome trollee-ing. It may be good for some reader for some measure of edification about the reality of what's what. Yes, I can't help it, but I'll add a quick one.

Right now the abortion debate has become inflamed again after Donald Trump made an attempt to clarify his position. He basically said abortion should not happen unless there is rape, incest, or threat to mom's health, and that individual states in the country should decide any of that themselves anyway.

Nothing new. This has been the standard position of a good wholesome certified World System inhabitant for eons. Child sacrifice is perfectly fine for the idol of convenience. The real argument for all this, really, is that the reigning archetypical female goddess whatever-whatever would be devastated if she could not "control her own reproductive life" and that means being able to "terminate her pregnancy at any time."

All of that is just the sickest twisted System-imbued sewage, and it is flooding everywhere in the United States and pretty much every industrialized country. Thing is how can that be when half the world is supposedly Roman Catholic and expressly against abortion? Well...

The reality is this. That any baby at any stage of development, even if that is during the time he or she is in the womb, is a human being and should have all the protections against being murdered any other human being has. Any other argument made is just wicked sophistry. A wise and just government should put in place an amendment to the US Constitution that states that babies should be afforded all those protections.

That'd be nice, but wow. So much antagonism about such a thing. So it'll never happen, at least not any time soon. 

Yet those babies...

So the real real answer is Jesus Christ who actually frees the soul from the most foolish evil anywhere and everywhere.

See there? The things I wrote about abortion? Splendid trolleeing! They say "Abortion is wonderful! [in whatever way that is, and it is indeed what they are saying with any and all of that crap]" and then I come right back with "No, no! No it isn't, yadda-yadda-yadda..." all shared to deaf ears made deaf by the Prince of This World.

So then I just look crazy.

No worries though, because the Power of Reach of God is still there -- only because He loves us enough to keep The Reach vibrant and powerful and the only truly meaningful thing there is.

I can't help but share one more quick thing here. After writing a bit about the impending civil war or even world war, I noted that there is a new major motion picture out called, yes, you got it, Civil War.

Oh my.

The only little bit I know about it is that is features journalists out and about documenting in whatever way that is all the civil war things happening in that predictably dystopian near-future. Huh, I wonder. 

For one, journalists. Will they be proficiently New York Times trained to make it seem like those pesky meddling MAGA Trump supporters should just back off or there wouldn't be any of this fighting? They should just accept what the fine noble Democrats have always wanted to do and there just wouldn't be any of this.

Will there be so much silliness disguised as serious discursive activity that it will make movie-goers feel guilty that their moral convictions would start such a military conflagration that they should just shut up and go home? I can't believe this will not be part of the whole idea of the film.

Now I don't know what this movie is going to show, but I do know that if it does in fact share really good wholesome things for anyone to peek at, it will still also be trolleeing. I also know whatever a movie depicts about what may be down the road for the United States, it is still true that the war has already been going. In some very profound ways the war has been raging for millennia, really. It may just be getting a bit more steamy now, and may indeed get even more explosive soon, I get that.

But outside of the Kingdom dwellers who simply enjoy their freedom in Christ, there will be the most lethal belligerence everywhere, and the World System Ops in charge of making it happen get paid a lot of money to do so. I'm not even saying their duties in the Agency of Cain are not quite necessary evils -- just knowing what the sixth chapter of Isaiah says, that we must behold the horrific dissipation of our own evildoing if we are to truly grasp how much God would heal us, save us, make us actually see and hear and understand.

And yeah, I guess nasty vicious trollers and good wholesome trollees are an essential part of that warfare.


Oh wait, I can't neglect to add that as I screen clipped the poster for the Civil War movie, I read the brief blurb about it at the IMDB site. Apparently the journalists are working valiantly to keep a rebel faction's military from assaulting the White House. I wonder if they'd be doing that if Donald Trump were the president residing there? Hmm.



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