The Boss Troll War

I can't help but begin this follow-up post to the latest in my "We're all just trollees" thread with this screenshot of a video showing a toddler being fitted with glasses so he could see, for what is effectively the first time ever. It is just heart-rendering to watch, and see the smile on his face when he can see, especially since his first clear sight is that of his beaming parents.

The reason I'm leading with this simply amazing photograph is I definitely see this as a tremendously profound metaphor for what happens when Christ gives sight to not only the blind, but to the wicked, the foolish, the devious, and the stupid. When they actually see glory of the One and Only Savior, the magnitude of his mercy and forgiveness, and the overwhelming beauty of the Kingdom -- well, Scripture tells us angels in Heaven rejoice.

In my latest home page piece I made a valiant attempt to be simple with my exposition of the World-Kingdom distinction, and while I believe what I'd shared has great merit, I don't think I made it as simple as I'd like. To be as simple as all get-out, the World System is that office out there that condemns humans and it is supposed to condemn humans no matter what anyone thinks about how ruthless that is. The reason is simple. There are just too many people who like being wicked foolish devious and stupid.

This is extraordinarily simple. I look out on the horizon of humankind and see that over the past, oh, however many thousands of years humans have walked about on this planet, they still haven't gotten it. Jeremiah wrote a little less than three thousand of those years ago, "Everyone is stupid." Ya know? It isn't really that hard to see how true that is still today. Some three thousand years. You'd think we would have gotten it. 

But about a few hundred years after that Jesus said the path is narrow to get to the place where sight actually happens. Yeah, you do have to ask Him to touch your eyes. He even added that we could be healed, and see and understand just fine (He was quoting what Isaiah wrote in that book's sixth chapter, by the way), but that we simply don't care to see. Too many will hear about Him and His word, and instead get captured by the desires of the flesh, incinerated by the wiles of the devil, or choked by the worries of the World.

Oh that they'd let Him make them see -- and they could feel the explosive joy this little boy felt.

Otherwise, we're just left with being trollees in The Boss Troll War.

What do I mean by that?

The whole "trolling" thing in this sense is simply that the wicked foolish devious and stupid stuff is so plastered everywhere and continues to be such since there are so many devoutly committed to the World System maelstrom. It isn't hard when grasping the reality that the Roman Catholic Ecclesiocracy does the dirty work of administering and enhancing and regulating and processing all the malevolence. It is such a massive task that they employ a whole militant organization to deftly arrange all the legitimate prosecuting activity.

Great amounts of evildoing is predictably elicited, and Rome boasts about how splendid it is in addressing it. All the blithering and blathering and blapping and plapping about this bad and that bad and that bad and this bad is just everyone trolleeing -- or again, quite simply: spouting how lividly entranced they are by steaming about their selected item of outrage. In a twisted sense this is not necessarily a bad thing. Articulate trollees can be very useful for the Ministry of Condemnation! People cannot see the immense expanse of God's mercy and forgiveness if they can't get what wicked foolish devious and stupid people they are! Indeed this is the key message of Isaiah 6 and Matthew 13.

This makes it quite simple, actually, to understand how much war is going on right now. The present Middle East squabble that seems to be erupting into World War III every day? Nah. It is all just theater. All the fighter planes and rockets and missiles and launching thing-a-ma-boppers -- really, please, do you think for two seconds actually effective blowing-to-smithereens your much weaker opponent can't be done with the ultra-advanced technology that exists today?

No, this is all just for show. The rabid bluster about stopping Russia by arming Ukraine as well as all the other smoldering hot spots around the globe are just put-ons -- except yes, there is indeed quite a bit of collateral damage that does indeed result in quite a few deaths of exploited people, perfect for grand achievement in human sacrifice. 

The people who run the whole belligerency conflagration operation know exactly what they are doing. They've learned quite well from Sun-Tzu that if you do it right you don't need to fire a single weapon to destroy your enemy. All you have to do is compel him to step on the landmine himself and you don't have to lift a finger -- plus you get the benefit of plausible deniability. When you have seven-fold strength as Cain's Authorized Legacy that is one of the best perks of the job. 

That there are so many delightfully imaginative albeit horrendously lethal ways they do all this makes it so much more fun. Of course there are so many of the most loud and furious trollees, very articulate and comprehensive, telling us so much about many of them, but with such a fully Catholicized nation its inhabitants either rage along with them or slink back into their comfy little prison-cell domiciles without a second thought.

Yes, I do trolleeing quite a bit myself in my webzine and blog effort here. I confess, I can be most strident in what I see are those landmines destroying lives and souls. I actually had a number of added notes ready to post to augment my last post, the one related to how the family is being bastardized, if you'll allow the expression, as a tool to propel whole communities, even the entire nation into a state of benighted self-destruction. I may get to them, we'll see. I had kind of hoped to put them in this post, but again maybe it'll be meaningful to touch on them sometime, ahem, at the cost of doing yet again the very finest bit of trolleeing.

For now just to do one of the best things I could do right here is to be simple about The Deliverance. He is there, right there, nail-scarred hand extended to touch your eyes so you could see. Here I get to be blessed to share the rapturous simplicity of that bountiful truth with a single image -- one single image of a child who now actually, truly, fully sees.


The image was screen clipped from a video posted by someone I like to follow on Twitter.



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