It's Said, "You Can't Expect People to Be Persistently Deceived." (Unless, Of Course, You Are Persistently Deceived About THAT...)

A confluence of ideas and considerations is slowly blending together in my mind, the full picture of which seems to be pointing to more clear evidence of the human sacrifice practices that consume the behavior of World inhabitants. It certainly is the genesis of a home page piece in the future, but for now it is just something to splatter in a blog post.

When I see that standard axiom "You can't expect people to be persistently deceived," I treat that with great skepticism. People are constantly deceived about the fact that human sacrifice still thrives on a regular basis by everyone without Christ, and the law is merely in place to keep it all from getting too nasty looking. People are effervescently deceived about the fact that only Christ frees from that body of death and that all the remonstrating about government-this and government-that are simply declarations that the law is wholly required for them to keep human sacrifice behavior from appearing too uncouth.

Anyway, just been reading about how businesses in this country are sitting on billions of dollars they aren't investing, and I wonder, why aren't they getting that out there for bountiful capital utility when the economy is still teetering? Could it be because they think people are much more worthless than everyone wants them to think?

I've been picking up on how no one is borrowing, but the U.S. is doing tons of borrowing--which ends up being paid back by those not borrowing. Is this nothing other than the World System putting tons of window dressing on worthless people so they'll continue to fund its profligate hegemony?

Then there is how much people are afraid the still near-zero interest rates are simply feeding the next big smelly rotten awful bubble to burst all over us. Annnnd that is why? Maybe because people are too worthless to make any "bubble" actually be substantive production that would genuinely make others' lives better?

See, that's the issue, isn't it? When people think of others more than themselves, communities prosper. When people think of themselves above anyone else, they're just doing human sacrifice.

Jesus said as much. Please, I don't think people should be worthless. Worthlessness is very bad. But it is pretty simple. "If you have the Son you have life. If not, you don't have life." Jesus died to give people life. Believe in Him and you have life. And value. And worth. And joy and peace and wonder and love.

Funny, yesterday morning I just happened to catch a gal who regularly appears in economics reports on NPR say something pretty stunning to me. She was blapping about how Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will do anything to help out should bad things start to happen again, and she concluded, "This is a man who invented bullets out of thin air during the crisis. So, my faith is in him."

The plainest admission that someone is trusting in man, and not just any man but a man who directs the largest human sacrifice operation on the planet. Quite legitimate, I must say, for those who habitually do it.

But Jesus is 180 degrees the other way.


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