The Tyranny of the Oppressed Immunocompromised

The devil is having his way with millions right now. I guess he can't wait until they arrive in Hell. And I'm not talking about his ushering in those whose Covid-19 infection is sloughing off their mortal coils a bit sooner than they thought.

Looking at the way people are behaving based on the pronouncements of the medical-journalist-political uber-mandarins, it is not surprising the devil has such a vise-grip on so many souls. This whole coronavirus thing isn't at all about the disease.

It is about the standard operating procedure of Caesar's authoritarian System.

I have to admit I borrowed the title from a pundit whose web published piece was "The Dictatorship of the Immunocompromised." Great title, decent piece, credit to him, but there are a number of others that are really good. How about this one from Kelleigh Nelson. This one from Matt Walsh is good. This one from Michael Fumento is excellent.

What the devil is doing is massively employing the now entrenched Frankfurt School's Critical Theory "Look at these special groups being oppressed lions and tigers and bears oh my" rampage to so explosively metastasize those mandarins' virtue-signaling that it truly ends up destroying the country.

Look. Take a look at this poster. I've made it large so it is not hard to see. I caught it from one of dozens of my regularly posting Facebook friends seduced by the propaganda. Anyway, look at it really good.

Please know that each one of these types of people are deserving of the most mercy and charity we can afford them, please know that. I am not against that, categorically so. I must further confess that when I saw this I felt my heart twist in some significant measure. Yes, let us authentically love them, and if that involves great respect for the reasonable physical distancing they'd like then I'll fully comply, willingly so, and still lobby for their great care.

But there are profound problems with this whole thing. A bunch of them. Can you see them?

The first one is simple economics. When one of these people get some extended measure of care that necessarily means someone else is not getting that same measure of care. One of the ironclad laws of economics is resources are scarce. If you use one for something, someone else is not benefiting. Just pasting a bunch of sad people on a poster doesn't change that law. Who are the people not on the poster whose lives are being wrecked because it is easy for politicians to say, "We'll make sure we save every single life no matter what the cost!" Economically illiterate people cheer.

Secondly, these people have indeed become a privileged class. Just like women, people of color, the sexually unconventional, they too are victims too of an oppressive hegemony and require special attention even if government force must be employed to command compliance from everyone else. Once again, I'm not saying these people in particular shouldn't be afforded certain focused attention (see above paragraph). I am saying it is easier for a politician to favor them because it makes them look good. 

This leads to the third factor, the cost. Elaborating on that idea, the cost of going to insane degrees to protect these people with resources beyond the available means or even the necessity -- many of these people will be just fine without them! -- means seriously debilitating others. Look at the opportunity cost right now in terms of production. What is so ironic is that ventilators need to be produced by many who are not staying at home 24-7. Our economy is paying far too high a price, and if you haven't looked at those linked pieces above I'll just briefly add that the numbers simply do not merit fomenting the conditions for an economic catastrophe. Once again, relatively speaking, the incidents of cases and deaths are far too minuscule. 

How about this, the fourth factor -- just plain death. I went ahead and looked up how many just die anyway, from anything, every year in the United States. It is about three million. No matter what happens, three million die. Every year. That's just in our country. Ever look at the obituary pages? They are filled every single day, whether the coronavirus is around or not. Sorry, not being fatalistic, just realistic. The mass news media has gone apoplectic about the experts saying there may be as many as 240,000 deaths from this thing when it is all said and done. Really? That's not even 10% of all people dying anyway -- and most of them are elderly and at the end of their lives. Why the hysteria again? How much of the sky is really falling?

Please don't think me insensitive -- again, I know, The New York Times is urging you to have to requisite measure of rage so you can feel better about yourself, I understand. The truth is, fifth point here, there is a disease worse than any of those things in the poster. 

That is sin.

Think about it. What if instead of "Blood Disorder," "Liver Disease," or "Cancer Treatment," it said things like "Gossiped to neighbors about something really personal promised to be kept totally confidential," or "Embezzled just enough to keep from being detected," or "Had sexual liaisons whenever felt disrespected by spouse"?

Ah I can sense the humanist-driven rage stirring right now. How dare I presume such things. How dare I presume there is this thing God who has any relevance to any of this. How dare I criticize the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patient by being, ahem, so judgmental at a time like this? (Considered by someone not judging me, I get it...) But it seems to me most still have a sense of justice, of what is truly right, of what righteous behavior really is about, of the real actual truth about how this really actually impacts all of us.

This also clouds another factor people just don't consider related to that thing justice. Here's a sixth thing, right here. Justice does require some measure of responsibility. Yes maybe a lot of good kind people do have disabling conditions through no fault of their own. But does this mean everyone does? One of the key factors that clobbered Italy was, quite frankly, many Italians just plain didn't take very good care of themselves. Too many smoked, ate poorly, became obese, were not hygienic -- and I've just discovered the country as a whole had kind-of a shitty health care system. Do these things not play a part in our consideration of what happens with the use of our resources? Is it not true that responsibility does have a huge impact on one's well-being?

God spoke about it all the time, so much so that He considered it far more important than any physical thing. Please, I'm not a Gnostic dismissing the value of the physical (remember what I said in the paragraph just above the posted poster? Still applies...) 

One's eternal destiny is still far more important.

Each one of us will die in the next minute. Yes, there is a minute coming up, that next one, there it is, when the temporal will be over, for each one of us. Even if it is temporally not for a while, it will still be that next minute in the eternal.

Sorry, I know this is news to many, but this is the one statistic that is the most important one of all:

One out of every one person dies.

This is the seventh most important item here: They die because of their sin. They don't die because of Covid-19 or being old or having some compromising medical condition. They die because God originally wanted to people to live forever until they jerked around and jerked themselves around and jerked around each other and jerked with God, and if you are without guilt then forgive me I'm not talking to you.

If you can perceptively see reality, however, then you might want to heed what Jesus said about death: "Don't be afraid of the one who can kill the body but not the soul. No, be afraid of the One who can send both body and soul to Hell."

The fact that millions are being browbeat by the System's designs is testament that they haven't a clue about their eternal destiny. They seem to be overwhelmed with the idea that a politician will just wave his or her magic wand ($2 trillion is a lot but we need more dammit) and we'll be sufficiently rescued from the baaad thing. Oh I know many may say they're Christians and I'm not disrespecting them, but too many live out a version of Christianity that simply doesn't translate into their daily lives. They are more into what the Frankfurt School told The New York Times to tell them through these powerful mandarins for optimum virtue-signaling for all. By the way, God Himself did set up all of that when He sent Cain out to rule the World and build cities so he could manage their evildoing -- perfectly biblical, I'm not remonstrating against that at all.

Thankfully I am seeing a number of people who are rising up and being truth and grace in the face of the fear-ratcheting mob. I do hope more and more churches gather no matter how much the mandarins screech and holler. I definitely do hope to see more people enter into Spirit-led revival and that they'd see the System for what it is -- not to rebel or rage against it (though many unfortunately will!) but to minister to those so destructively impacted by it.

Maybe there will be apocalyptic revival, I pray for that every day. I pray that people would see the System for what it is but then turn to the Kingdom -- letting the System mandarins do their thing as they do it, but then putting robust faith in a risen Christ who died to "cure" the sin-disease and open up paradise again for those who like actual mercy and grace and provision of everlasting healing and wholeness and joy and fellowship with Him and one another.

We should all be going back to work right now, right now, and doing the things God gave us gifts to use to make others' lives better. What happens if someone gets the coronavirus? Likely nothing but a brief fever and a few coughs, if even that. Please, if you want to put on masks, gloves, and smother yourself with disinfectant ooze in your own personal hermetically sealed protection unit -- go for it, knock yourself out. But the truth is it won't fend off death. 

It comes for us all sometime. That so many refuse to see that means more of a delightfully engaging playground for the devil.

As for me, I'm going to go out and live life and I'm going to interact with people who want to as well. Will I be careless about my own public health responsibilities? Will I dismiss my neighbor's desire to refuse to do business with me? Will I scoff at his or her fears? Of course not! Jesus tells me otherwise. It doesn't matter who the tyrant is or what he does, I will still love my neighbor, as well as the tyrant. But if I die, that's cool, I'm in Jesus' hands. Are you?

I do believe the coronavirus hysteria is just something God will use to draw more into the Kingdom, and yes, to enjoy long, wonderful lives -- right here, right now.

To worship Him with others in Spirit and in Truth, now and for eternity, that's the best thing of all.


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Jaw dropping clarity putting into words things I've felt but could not myself say. I turned my back on churches as a youngster because they reacted to my innocent and loving questions--straining at Truth the best I could in my child's way--with exercise of power and domineering put downs. My parents pulled me out of our increasingly Monster Island public schools to put me in Catholic school, the only other option we had. It was just awful, not merely because of the harshness, the cruelty, the sexual depravity, the degeneracy, and the flaws in theology...but because they so enthusiastically (wrong etymology there) attacked what was honest and innocent. It messed me up for years.

    It is only in the past decade or so, and especially the last 6 years, that I have had the guidance to see that what burns in me is a gift from my ancestors, handed down to me by my fathers, having nowhere to speak itself. That guidance, ironically enough, came from 4chan's infamous /pol/ board--the site of the best theological discussions on the Internet...and where I started to understand Christ. (I always understood Logos, just could never reach over to it deciding to become a human being for a time. Still not sure I can take it on faith, but I certainly treasure those who do.)

    >One out of every one person dies.

    I came very close to dying about 15 years ago. The EMTs say they "pulled me back," and that was surely aligned with what I was "experiencing" as it unfolded. Though I think I turned back deliberately (something was hurting; I turned away from the Rising Into The Gateway to help it--turned out the hurting was me; they were jamming needles into my left arm trying to inject me with a reviving drug of some sort). But I do know what what I saw...there...was entirely benevolent, entirely welcoming, and entirely kind and loving. It also smelled good. Since then I have mostly felt sad over how many people fear death, or think the afterlife is torment. In fact their here-life is the torment, they just can't parse why and how that as, or what to do about it. And boy o boy are there countless people who profit from that.

    I thank you for your words. I thank God/Logos for the jolt of lightning given us in this "Fifth Great Awakening" (or so I hope it will be). I found you, by the way, after getting stupidly humanly frustrated over something and yelling at God...viscerally and out of a limited heart. But once again, I turn around and step on a rake, and the handle of His People smacks me in the nose, and I sit here laughing with gratitude and joy and redoubled intention.

  2. Very encouraging words, thanks for sharing them. I pray your journey of discovering Him and His bounty of mercy and joy will be amazing, especially as you experience it in light of understanding the nature of the wretched counterfeit presented by the System.

    1. Anonymous4:21 AM

      God is speaking through you. Insha'Allah

    2. Anonymous4:23 AM

      ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎


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