The Institutionalized Excoriation of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Wow is it intense! A lot of people really don't like Marjorie Taylor Greene! She is a new Republican congresswoman who has a few ideas that a lot of people reeeally don't like. I recently even saw a piece by a relatively conservative columnist who practically shouted off the page, "Whatever you do, do not be like Marjorie Taylor Greene!" -- listing one-by-one her most horrific transgressions.

Ahh, the New York Times wins again.

Well, better, The Society wins again.

For the crime of sharing something about the idea that a destructive fire was caused by a space laser, among a few other things about some things, she has essentially been cancelled with the most extreme prejudice. Yes I am speaking figuratively, but her political livelihood, indeed her very reputation is being slowly assassinated and the event is being splashed in everyone's face on all forms of web or social media. It is really as if powerful people with the most to lose by virtue of the rigidly enforced machinations of The Society's thought police are going way out of their way trying to distance themselves from her just so you know, you know... um... Please don't hurt me...

This is the Frankfurt School identity politics social media engorged hellscape in which we now find ourselves.

Let me ask a simple question. What do you know most people would do if I asked this simple question:

"What do you know about the truth that what Marjorie Taylor Greene is saying about that particular thing is indeed false?"

Of course those who don't want to be in The Society's crosshairs will holler "It's a conspiracy theory! She's a nutjob! That stuff is crazy talk! What a loon!" while saying nothing of real substance or providing any real evidence.

It is impossible to prove a negative, yes, and what she is saying could indeed be false, but on what grounds? I'm not saying anything in particular is true, but it seems to me most of what Marjorie Taylor Greene is saying is, "I've seen or heard this... What of it?" It seems to me much of the attacks against her are for "liking" certain social media posts that speak of some of these things. Maybe she is just encouraging people so keep looking, keep investigating, keep examining, keep looking for the truth. Those social media people she likes may be totally wrong about those things, but we can't know what's right about something until we can get a solid idea of what's truly wrong, and many many times we just don't know enough about a particular thing. Okay, then what?

If Marjorie Taylor Greene is so utterly wrong about some of these things, then what of it?

Oh but she's a government person! She may go after laser pointer makers with her political power!

Good call, I understand that. But for one, how much power are we allowing these government people to have? That alone is quite frightening, but hey, the World devotee needs his or her lords. And for another, is she really going to do something so monumentally heinous in her present position, merely one of 435 US House members? Seems to me there are 434 other members, and, I mean, is every one of their beliefs about things perfectly true and righteous?

It seems to me a lot of them hold to a belief like this one: "A marriage may be something other than that between an adult male and an adult female." In fact I'd pretty much be confident a solid majority of legislators hold the belief that same-sex marriage and other distorted conceptions of expressed sexual relational integrity are perfectly fine.

And yet the enthusiastic endorsement of the destruction of the foundation for the healthy stable family, genuine masculinity and femininity, and the interactive community at-large is a million times worse than anything Marjorie Taylor Greene has ever pondered.

Don't get me wrong. That horse is out of the barn. In fact as I've shared many times before, the whole barnyard has fled. I'm not sharing this because I'm planning anything against any of that. It is what Cain's legacy does. Hell always follows, but it is what it does.

What I am saying is that the Marjorie Taylor Greene excoriation phenomenon is the pretext for coming after people like me who do firmly believe in that old tired "conspiracy" that marriage is exclusively in all cases that between an adult male and an adult female. I will be especially targeted for the other old superstitious religious beliefs I have and do openly confess and will soon be considered punishable offenses. 

You believe same-sex marriage is evil? You're just as certifiably insane as Marjorie Taylor Greene and must be dealt with... 

This is what is happening. It isn't going to stop. There will be many more Marjorie Taylor Greene's to come, useful tools for the proper widely broadcast and ultimately lethal excoriation. My work is merely to minister to those who see all this for what it is and actually have a desire to get out of that hell. Enlisting the services of Caesar to try to get him on your side to arrange a full frontal assault on other parts of Caesar's domain is a fool's errand. The Society already, by God's own permission, governs Caesar's actions. To enter the public square with Caesar's weapons, like the 501c3 tax exemption incorporated status and being all wholesomely non-profit, is just making oneself a part of Hell's work.

Heaven's work is to leave it all alone, let it be what it is supposed to be, and enter the lives of those ravaged by all that, vibrantly being Christ's nail-scarred hands, and feet... and heart and soul to those people. Yes, you may die doing so. You may die doing so because the transcendently truthful and profoundly righteous things you believe and cherish and live out and share with others may result in the most serious prosecution.

But do you love another enough to risk it?

Do you love another enough to know what the World System does and is now doing exploiting Marjorie Taylor Greene, and then steel yourself to be Christ's minister with all of this now happening and will continue to happen around us?


The image was from CNN. Thank you.



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