An Important Corollary to the Misunderstood Truth Rule

Reading a couple of pieces about the state of the world today, I was reminded about a critical part of the Truth Rule I shared in my last blog post, the one about the World System of the United States government and the central bank administered financial network and the commercial enterprise network including 501c3 churches contracted with the System and the entrenched factional think-tank influencers is the Roman Catholic ecclesiastic hegemony, which itself is managed by powerful deep politics spiritually militant operatives sworn to serve their principalities.

Those writings didn't really do the best job of saying what they wanted to say, but again, graciousness prevails -- not everyone gets it exactly right on paper, or, here on a computer screen. As I shared I'm no different but I do my best. One of those pieces spoke about the current technocrat-managed oligarchy that dominates public policy now and that our cherished constitutional republic is in danger. Not. We have never had a constitutional republic, only something that looked like it. We do have a form of an oligarchy, but I'm not sure that writer has any idea what it really is.

The other writing got a bit into how Rome long ago was destroyed in part because of the ways people successfully rebelled against it, and, well, "The Fall of the Roman Empire" and all the rest of it. Not. Rome has never fallen, ever, it has merely been carried through ultimately into the hegemonic power of Britain and the United States and it is presently manifest in those institutions mentioned there in paragraph one. Any "fall" was just theater to facilitate the switching of the oppressed to the oppressors and then at some other time vice-versa, which is kind of what is happening right now in fact.

But then it shook my thinking, which I felt compelled to share here.

I've taken some time in my writing ministry effort to speak of the dangers of socialism, racialism, and sodomism, and they are metastasizing all around us. I also see many people railing against those things as if those ferocious efforts will keep them at bay. The problem is, this has been the way it has been in all of history. It won't change because those three things are the things that fuel present-day Rome's rule. Much of why that is the case is because rebellion against those things is precisely what keeps Rome vibrant and legitimate.

It is the World System's modus operandi

A few days ago the US president gave a speech before Congress laying out his grand socialist plans. Enough people are such zealous World System devotees that it was all fine to them. Then there were those who justifiably railed against it. Taking money from some to give it to others even in the name of compassion is a violation of the Commandment against theft, but it is what Rome does.

The follow-up message by a black Republican US senator included a pathodic (pathodic, not pathetic) exhortation that America is not a racist country. Wait -- why is he saying that? Is American indeed a racist country to make him feel he must say that? But hey, the speaker was black so it must be true. The fact that he was shredded a new aye-hole by the left as "Uncle Tim" means the ordained influencers hit their mark. Presuming a given individual is racist with no evidence is a violation of the Commandment against bearing false witness, but it is what Rome does.

Much of the cause of critical theory is to ensure that our unconventional sexual expressions are fully embraced or else. Forced kindness is still kindness so get on board with it. Being inclusive enough to celebrate the worst sanctioned sexual confusion or immoral behavior is a violation of the Commandment against adultery, but it is what Rome does.

Of course cancelling people who don't comply with the Newest World Order is the rule of the day, so it doesn't matter if you lose your livelihood and reputation, you've deserved it you oppressor. It'd be even better if you just disappear by exiling yourself to a small apartment somewhere where you can't be a bother. It'd be sad if really, you just killed yourself by OD'ing on something to kill the pain of what the freedom fighters have done to you, or you just went ahead and pulled the trigger of the rifle with the barrel shoved under your chin, except that this is a violation of the Commandment against murder. But again...

Here's the kicker. Showcasing the Ten Commandments is Rome! What is so amazing is that this is a total footstool-of-God thing, because Scripture tells us the power of sin is the law. This means the law is good to expose our sin, to accomplish the legitimate condemnatory activities of Rome in order to draw people further into Rome's iron-fist enforcement grip.

And then...

The rebellion.

You see it all around now. Rightists rail against the leftists who are further and further emboldened to take down the white male heteropatriarchal hegemonic oppressive power structure. The leftists hate that with all their guts because it pushes against their considerations that the only freedom they can have is in institutionally authorized reparations or some twisted gender identification or fighting the good fight for some classified victim group and the hegemony is in the way.

That hegemony is Rome.

It is unabashedly so. It broadcasts itself as such. It markets itself as such. It is supposed to to achieve exactly what you are seeing around you now. It has never been any different through the ages, never. Today it seems so different because advanced information technology has so radically messed with the ways we interact with one another now. 

But the Truth Rule principles are still the same, as they have for six-plus millennia now. The great irony is that the "freedom-fighters" will always themselves become Roman agents if they serve the hegemony's purposes well. Of course many will be sacrificed in the name of the nationalist mythology, but that's how it's always worked. The System administers the affairs of the city, people rebel against that, the names of the oppressors change every once in a while but still do precisely what Cain was given the authority to do -- wash, rinse, repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat over and over and over again.

What a nightmare.

But it is the truth. And it is why God established the Kingdom at exactly the same time He set up the System. Look there, at the very end of the treatise on the establishment of the System. "People began to call on the name of the Lord."

It is too simple. God will always, always honor that. Call on His name -- genuinely call on His name, not the name of some System counterfeit -- and you will be free, free to enter into a rapturously beautiful reconciliation, out and away from the condemnation that is the System. God now reconciled to you by His shed blood washing your sin away clothing you in His righteousness.

That's the Kingdom, a place in which anyone may dwell richly, right now. Ultimately it is the only reason Rome is still around to do its thing -- the oppressor class is an evil thing, but it is supposed to be there for elaborate condemnation of oppressed, less-oppressed, and not-oppressed alike. Doesn't matter, it is all Hell. 

The Kingdom is the deliverance, God welcomes you to it, but the stark reality is you've just got to get a hold of the Truth Rule. It isn't hard at all, God even helps you to see it, that's cool. Really, that's all God wants Himself, when you look at it, there in the ninth chapter of Jeremiah, "Let him who boasts, boast in this: that he understands and knows God."

My prayer always is that my readers understand.

And yes, call on His name.

Nothing else matters.


The clipped part of the photograph was from the website "The Conversation."



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