The Real Prison Block Housing, Addendum

It is funny, a social media thread that got quite a bit of traction recently related to the question, "How often do men think about the Roman Empire?' All kinds of responses went into the interactive cybersphere, most of them whimsical, you know, "No wonder my husband doesn't think about bringing me flowers any more," you know, those kinds of things.

Well, in actual reality where our own personal identities and professional purposes and eternal destinies are quite relevant to every element of our thinking, the Roman Empire should be something every one of us should be seriously contemplating at least a little bit. It is simple.

The Roman Empire exists today quite prominently.

As I emphasized in my last post, you can see the progression of this truth first in Scripture, then in incisive observation of what's really behind historical events and current affairs, and finally in perusing my own webzine work and there seeing more of the Kingdom/World contrast. Please, this last suggestion is a quite humble one, I don't have any grand insight into anything. I just post some things I see, things that many others see too but you'd have to really look around to find their work because their freedom of reach is somewhat constricted too.

That constriction, by the way, is not so much in what government entities do but what very good Catholicists do in the most strident reaction based on their very thorough indoctrination of modern-day Inquisition protocols. The things of the Kingdom are often considered the worst swearing in the ugliest foreign language, so it is suppressed simply by widespread dismissal.

Make no mistake when I mention things like Edward Ring's excellent piece about that Inquisition. I don't share it to move people to reprove or resist or rebel or any of that. There are a million good Catholicists who do that work.

I only share it to my reader to understand

And yes, perhaps turn around and go to Christ and Kingdom.

Tupper Saussy was a extraordinary explainer, much like Philip was to the eunuch as described in the eighth chapter of Acts. He took much of what many already knew about the way the World System works as the Legacy of Cain (Genesis 4) through the proficient activity of the Roman Catholic Ecclesiocracy (the true history of deep background political intrigue), and encapsulated it perfectly in his book Rulers of Evil and web piece Abiding in Religious War.

I don't hold to such stature. I am just a modest evangelist, but I do have aspirations to draw people to Christ by sharing some things about that World System.

When I speak about this thing prison block housing, I simply see it as the eventual end game for what the World System must do as Cain's Legacy, by divine appointment yet fully out of the presence of God, keeping evildoing people in check in an admittedly quite efficient way. That image of yet another slab of prison block housing? One of thousands Caesar demands as Cain's chief minion to construct high density residential units in the name of "equity" or "inclusion" or whatever really super good sounding thing they must blap to rationalize their human sacrifice practices.

The good Catholicist listening to the detractors screeching "Lookit what GOVERNMENT is doing to us. Let's get 'em!" will only be sucked into that World maelstrom. Doesn't matter if they like it or loathe it, they are the meat slabs thrown on Cain's altar.

I'd like to get deep a bit into what I know about the history of this phenomena, but I'd have to dig deeper, much like Tupper did so well. One of those telling items is the Spanish Civil War, back in the 1930s, and from what I've seen it was apparent that Franco looked upon his country being overrun by leftist ideological dogma -- huh, sounds a lot like what is happening here right now -- and needed to use his military to defeat it. Do you know his rationale for doing so?

He was defending the honor of the Roman Catholic Church. He not only felt he was doing Rome's work, he knew he was, as an authorized commission. In that sense, he felt he was elevating the noble, righteous, respected Romanist religious legacy, upholding its honor and glory, crushing the evil thing as Voltaire once put it. Please, look it up, tell me I'm wrong.

Huh, kind of sounds a lot like how the Culture War is progressing today...

I could mention any number of items in this horrifically violent conflagration throughout history --

Just look.

Today it is no different. Still going. Still enflamed. 

In my last post I'd directed your attention to some amazingly clever memes from Stephanie Winn. They are wonderfully profound, penetrating all the abjectly inane thinking done by the now thoroughly metastasized leftist voice, but then, then...

Then what?

I know little else about Stephanie Winn, here is her webpage just now located to I can link it. You can see for yourself. I've heard none of her podcasts or know much of her take on things. I only know of those wonderful memes. 

Thing is, will anything Stephanie Winn says or does or anything any influencer like her says or does result in more System activity, you know, for the 57-trazillionth time: more remonstrating or raging or rioting or even simply voting and campaigning and petitioning and running for political office and seething in anger at school board meetings?

Or will people turn to Christ? Dwell in the Kingdom? Fellowship with one another in vibrantly ungrafted worship communities? Richly minister to people ravaged by both their own evildoing and the ruthless condemnation that comes against them in whatever leftist or rightist form?

Please know, that is what any of this webzine and blog ministry is about. Any and all of it.

I have to add that I did indeed stick another image of the worst prison block housing there at the beginning of this post, but I'm adding this one too, an image of what was once called the "panopticon." A fascinating object, it was indeed designed to be the perfect prison. The idea was that you could put all your inmates there and just be in an ideal position to watch them at all times, you know, keep them in line, keep them from doing the bad things they'd be doing otherwise.

I can't help but think that the World is turning into one big panopticon. I'd shared in my last post how much we don't even need a physical constraint to get that -- we already have it in our addiction to our mobile devices and the System-generated content to keep us mesmerized. 

But that image of the prison block housing and the panopticon, are they really any different? Is it today really any different from how much the super-fast processing information technology (that should be called "SPIT" but most call "AI") is being used for Caesar to fulfill his duty to watch what every single one of us is doing? Indeed even more importantly to more comprehensively manage our affairs -- really, so that life is nothing other than lying around in a comfy concrete cell looking at spiffy images listening to spiffy sounds with our spiffy pocket video/audio machines all  provided quite nicely by the very best living arrangement arrangers?

Ah. The Inquisition is alive and well, it really is.

But you can be enjoying the Kingdom instead.


The stock image of the prison block housing was actually from an article on the delightful benefits of high density residential zoning. I believe this one was from somewhere in Austria. Again, they are everywhere which speaks to the obvious globalist nature of the Catholicist nation.



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