The Real Prison Block Housing

Just a quick post to update you a bit on some of the things I've been seeing and pondering. This'd be pretty long if I touched on all of it, but just a few things here for now.

Yesterday picked up Edward Ring's latest piece. I've shared before I think he is one of the best at illuminating things out there, though again like most he'll never get to the truth that all of it is generated by Rome at the behest of every human's request that it crack heads for the mitigation of his/her evildoing.

Anyway, you can get those truths in Scripture and maybe a bit more in my own writing ministry work which is only designed to direct you to Scripture and to understanding the evil the System routinely does and only then to Christ and Kingdom and the only freedom that is worth anything.

Anyway (sorry I digress too much), Ring does do a phenomenal job of describing the effects of the System's head-cracking operation. Like having a nice home to raise a family? First that family is a brazenly offensive product of the oppressive white heteropatriarchy, so that's on the way out, and second, that big fat ugly house and yard you have is suuuch a climate messer-upper so that has to go too. Oh, and never mind skirting any of this because the new god "A.I." now can't keep from processing everything about you and your intentions.

Into the prison block housing with you then.

What a profound metaphor for the prisons each of our souls have already established as their residences. I can't help but share another link to this video put out a few years ago making this point so poignantly. Big tech has already made a nice comfy temporal place for each of our turgid wretched dark souls to dwell, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

I've also come across the amazing meme work of Stephanie Winn. In some recent posts and home page pieces I'd made mention of the idea of abandoning the commentator business, since any "freedom of reach" is really just provided by the big World interests anyway. I'd sympathized with such an assessment, but recalled that Tupper Saussy did say that he was interested in doing a bit more cinematography type things shortly before he passed away in March 2007.

Huh. Yeah.

Share the Kingdom/World contrast more graphically and much more cleverly.

I'd written a number of years ago about the "Social Cure," the idea that you can effect change by cutting to people's hearts through humor, satire, ridicule -- with insightful clarity and concise brevity.

Mrs. Winn has done just that with her meme series, absolutely eviscerating the lethal idiocy that comes from the woke sodomist voice. May I just share a sample?

The Kingdom needs more "commenting" in this vein. That third meme there, though, is particularly relevant to this webzine ministry. How many "straw-man Jesuses" are there out there? Virtually every instance a detractor screeches something objectionable about "Jesus," it is because the "Jesus" they're addressing is one of these.

I'd wondered though, is there any of this meme action that can move people to understand more about how Cain's Legacy works through the Roman Catholic Ecclesiocracy? Share Christ in the most striking ways by highlighting that profound distinction between World and Kingdom? Really, do all the things Jesus did when He spoke particularly in parables?

Indeed, praying for more Stephanie Winn's out there, for sure.


The first image is of a now all-too-typical prison block housing complex, this one I believe is in San Francisco. The "These Systems Are Failing" video link is to the version without the music from Moby, that one is here.



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