This Truth Rule Really Leaves a Huge Swath of Destruction

I caught this in some Scripture reading this morning. It is from the twelfth Psalm.

Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race. Everyone lies to their neighbor; they flatter with their lips and harbor deception in their hearts. May the Lord silence all flattering lips and every boastful tongue--those who say, "By our tongues we will prevail; our own lips will defend us--who is Lord over us?"

Thus, the Truth Rule: Institutionalized codependency is an extraordinarily powerful force.

A while back while walking in a very upscale neighborhood, multi-million dollar homes in the hills, I glanced at a nice vehicle in the driveway that had an Obama bumper sticker on the back. It made me think. Huh. Here's someone living largely, lots of wealth, and they like the policy agenda represented by this politician. You know, socialism light, racialism through-&-through, sodomist enabling -- working very hard at forcing everyone to be so very very kind.

You know, regimented codependency.

Then came the dawn. No wonder. These rich people feel such shame for their standing that they've got to get the Obamas of the world to force everyone to like one another so they can feel better about themselves.

Ahh. The pathodicy is richly living in the hearts of many well-off individuals, merely because they've made Cain's Legacy of perfectly acceptable human sacrifice their governing strength.

And it makes them feel so good.

Makes perfect sense.

Today in the New York Times there was a two page ad with a gazillion companies sworn to reject state laws that would keep those companies from effectively running the country. In the name of democracy they're all supporting the very definition of fascism. The Times even ran an article shaming any corporate execs who did not sign on to the authorized deceit.

This is the world we live in now. Public shaming as a form of public policy enforcement. It is the very thing that moves those who don't have a clue about real love and objective truths and Kingdom realities. But then, didn't they do this back in the day, you know, the "Scarlet Letter"? Huh, maybe it isn't so new.

That very clever individual living the high life in his or her mid-century mod home overlooking the valley, they're bored unless they take the Brother's Keeper Oath: Make me responsible for others' needs so I can feel better about myself. Even better, let me just use the great Mammon power that I have to enlist the services of any and all Obamas to take care of that business for me so I won't feel ashamed because I know how horrible I am.

They could go to Christ, but alas, the World System run in part by the New York Times showcases hundreds of straw-men Christs upon whom many put their trust. They could seek out the Real One, and I do believe Jesus honors every individual's genuine desire to know Him as He truly is, except I think they like staying with Rome and its corporate underlings.

Look at how they operate. Look at the ad. It says they're for democracy, but all they're doing is empowering the Ecclesiocracy. They could also just as easily put up there in that heading the same thing they bleat whenever challenged on their endorsement of the worst sexual immorality.


Each one of those delightful-sounding things is absolutely not what they say it is. Again, God knows, just as He so incisively points out there in that twelfth Psalm. They are blapping the great lie and merely boasting about what they think is good.

Inclusion does not include the people who see any and all of the sexual immorality they embrace -- some of which was addressed in the previous posts, all the "trans gender" lethality. These corporate interests are all -- oh my there are so many of them -- expressly excluding those who honor genuine  sexual integrity in the highest measure they can. Not inclusive.

Tolerance does not include people who, for instance, know the science about Covid. Don't wear a mask? A mask that is not only completely unnecessary and useless to "stop the spread" but dangerous to the user? Not only are you prohibited from shopping in their stores or working productively interacting with colleagues in their offices, but you are openly shamed for being a conspiracy theorist nutcase. Not tolerant.

Equity does not respect those whose incomes are unjustly expropriated and handed to those who did not earn them in the name of equal outcomes and reparations. Make no mistake, massive government confiscatory policies in the name of social justice destroy countries, and the US is now going whole hog in implementing socialism, well, when all these corporations are doing the deed, fascism. Not equitable.

Progressivism is not even regressive. It is just a way to make yourself look good in the name of doing innovative things that are still the same old crap. One of the main thrusts of this is the idea that everything all around needs to change on the terms of the Frankfurt School's Critical Theory precepts. The oppressive white heteropatriarchy must go and be replaced by... by what exactly? Really, progressivism is just oppressivism in a different shade. No worries, it doesn't matter. It is all just posturing for Cain's Legacy to enlarge its lordship footprint over any and all who want it.

Diversity does not include those who wish to insightfully and thoughtfully share any reasonable critique of the ruling overlords and their EVERYTHING WILL BE MUCH KINDER OR ELSE policies. It has always been the case that including people with different perspectives is not nearly as important as making sure the right kinds of skin colors are recognized. How racist and superficial is that, but then, since when has that ever stopped them?

The main point to all of this is that you really do have a choice. You can shimmy up with the now brazenly fascist corporate overlords, or can go to the only real other option there is. And please, the more you rail and complain and rage and protest and remonstrate and holler and resist and sneer and rebel the more you add gallons and gallons of booster rocket fuel to their engines.

Whutt? You mean we shouldn't be rejecting their lies and fighting against them?

I'm not saying don't see the truth about those lies, definitely do that! In fact in some ways these corporate overlords showing their hand so obviously in these instances is a dead giveaway.

And I do mean dead.

For you see, this is why when someone says "What do you have to say about someone doing their own sexually preferred thing whether it is being gay or queer or trans or any of that. You have nothing to say, it doesn't affect you!"

Oh yes it does. Very much. For every public affirmation or celebration of some ungodly sexual immorality no matter what it is, that impacts what happens to those I care about. As I emphasized in my last blog post, people die because of those insane decisions they make about their sexuality. Again, people die, because of what they've been influenced to do, a lot because of what the New York Times and now those corporate execs are saying loudly in the public square.

It is indeed modern human sacrifice. It is nothing other.

But then again, this is what Rome does. It is the way it operates. I'm not saying anything against it. Many will, and do, and rebel and all the rest of it, and they will get squashed.

Yes, certainly I am pointing it out, but that is only because God said in Paul's letter to the Ephesians "Don't have anything to do with it, but rather expose it." And the only reason I'm about exposing it is so my readers may indeed turn to the Only Out There Is, Period.


Jesus Christ.

Not the Catholicist Jesus Christ, but the Real One. The Catholicist one can't hear you. He's the go-to make-believe god so many lean on to justify their actions on behalf of Cain's legitimate duties to crush those who'd make him look bad. Not even saying anything against many Catholics who do have a heart for their neighbor, their community, their country -- they may have that hunger for righteousness Christ commends, that's awesome.

But it cannot be found in living the most oppressive life of all -- interminable codependency: trying to slough off the unbearable shame by making yourself responsible for others' behavior because you can't find peace and wholeness and that bountiful mercy in Christ. Right now this whole thing is metastasizing in the form of this rigorous warp-speed institutionalization of the current brand of fascism.

So yeah, you'll be living in one place or the other. The World System or the Kingdom. It is one or the other, there is no other. The System can look so good and healthy -- just look at all those fine companies on that New York Times list. Forcing you to vote for the things they want, so kind and caring! Think about how much they want to eliminate the police, we'll all get along just fine when that happens! Just make sure you're in good with the brown shirts they've got working for them, but hey, ingratiation with the most visible World Ops is fun. May need some cred to get there though, but that's why that Obama voter at the high-end part of town can so proudly display The Mark.

Then there is the Kingdom, which only has freedom, and assurance, and beauty, and joy... and true, real, rapturous agape love. That's all.


The image of the corporate edificial strength was from the Corporate Finance Institute website. The images of the NYT ad and headline were screenshots from the NYT webpages themselves.



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