This May Be The Most Important Truth Rule Of Them All

Driving to Phoenix from the Los Angeles area we were on the 10 and I paid closer attention to something that I'd seen before, but I just wanted to get an idea of the magnitude of this particular thing. The drive is pretty dry, really, because most of it is through barren desert, but the construction of the freeway itself is quite fascinating.

It is elevated. I'm sure long ago they built this freeway, likely the same as many others, there just flat -- nice and flat and spiffy and... about to be destroyed.

See, literally every 100 to 200 feet in some places, are little bridges you'd barely notice if you weren't watching. This time I was watching, and I was impressed by how stinkin' many of them there actually were. Little bridges over arroyos, gulches, canyons, washes -- any place where water will go.

And that water will go there no matter what, even if there is a slab of long flat concrete in its way.

Yes, yes, can you see a terrific metaphor about to be bleated before your very ears? Of course.

In the Bible water is always the word. Ultimately Jesus is the Living Water, the Fountain of Fresh Spring Water and if you drink it you will never thirst again. But that is because He is The Word. And that words slices and dices and cuts a swath through a soul just like the gulch water does to the ever-so nicely laid out highway.

The physics is real: there is absolutely nothing the most rigidly constructed road can do to stop the water from winning that battle. If you actually pay attention to what Jesus is saying, you'll know the truth about things. Don't like it, doesn't matter, The Truth is the truth. The Water does not stop. It will wear you down until you accept it, let it wash over your soul -- or you just destroy yourself by not paying attention.

Thus, the Truth Rule: Everyone dies in the next minute.

Not going to die in the very next minute of your life? Just wait one more.

If you can't get this Truth Rule I'm sharing with you now, then stop reading. Right now, stop. Don't waste your time. Go eat, drink, and be merry with something else you'll like doing more right now. Because in the next minute, you're going to be dead.

The philosophy of this is simple. After you die, there are only three things that will happen. Only three. You'll either be (a) non-existent, completely extinguished, and therefore unaware of anything at all, (b) aware of pleasant things, or (c) aware of unpleasant things. That's it. Those are the three. There are no others. Braggart atheists will try to dissemble and prattle and bumble about trying to tell us about "Flying Spaghetti Monsters" and whatever other fantasies they think are reasonable possibilities, but, well, they're good for a nice chuckle. They make life interesting, got to give them that.

Whatever mental pretzels you can twist yourself into, those three are the only options.

The materialist will proudly champion the first one, and they come in all stripes -- the Epicurean is the one I find most amusing. Ahem, troubling too because so many buy into its folly: "It's best to humor people with whatever beliefs they think will make them happy as long as we all really know there is nothing but atoms bouncing around everywhere and that's it." Many of the most wholesome Christian-claiming individuals are really just closet Epicureans, deep inside convinced their beliefs are just fairy tales and we'd better just make the best of it sounding like we're nice and kind and polite to everyone.

The Bible tells a different story, and that is the one that hands-down has the best explanation. Yes, we will, as God tells us, be resurrected into life or into judgment. The life part sounds like it'll be pretty pleasant -- I don't know all the details, I admit, but Scripture is pretty clear that it'll be pretty cool on the other side of that minute. 

Then there is the judgment part, and this is another reason the Epicurean position is so wretched. "There is no Hell, how could there be when God is love!" -- a claim that is made all the time now, over and over and over again ad nauseam. Sorry, but if there is no Hell, there is no God's love, because there is no choice for someone to reject His life-giving love if that's what they want, leaving them no hope however much they make up a story that makes them feel good. Boom, mic-drop. Sorry, Hell is a fine thing that testifies to your freedom to decide what you do with the raging white-water river bearing down on you. Go ahead and hold on to your fairy-tale Christianity, make excuses for your own complicity -- the secret things in your heart that keep you from what is truly meaningful -- that's cool, it's a free country.

But you should know that the most common fairy-tale versions of Christianity were invented by powerful forces that started a few millennia ago to do at least a little bit to constrain the iniquitous behavior of so many World System devotees. Yes, today, there are quite a few of them, feverishly attempting to follow the dictates of just about any System potentate who can get on CNN. "Tell me what to do, deep state government official expert, so I can put my faith in you to keep me from seeing how duplicitous I know that I am!..." It isn't that they don't often come up with some quite decent things for law enforcement, they do and we should honor them for that.

In fact we should let them be to do whatever law-making and law-enforcing and law-adjudicating they must do because God told the first enforcer to do so those millennia ago when He sent him away, gave him a special signature, told him he could kick the ass of anyone else with seven times more strength, and let him go build a city so he could do his job.

I happened to catch the news that top career apparatchik Samantha Power was confirmed as the head of the "United States Agency for International Development." That's a terrific World System operation to infuse anyone everywhere with very good wholesome Americanist stuff. Power's husband is uber-administrator Cass Sunstein, whose main mission in life is to disabuse us all of thinking the government does anything that they really don't do, at least in the ways we think we see them do things, shame on us. They are like the "power" couple for the most robust institutionalized codependency. That's gotta be good!

Cain and all his minions through the ages should be lords of the World devotee, that's the way God made it. Thing is He also made a way out for the one "who calls on the name of the Lord," as it says at the very end of the biblical chapter that so clearly elucidates the establishment of the System.

He is Jesus. The Water. The Word. The Resurrection. The Way. The Life.

The Truth and The Grace and The Freedom.

He's it. He's the One you'll meet the minute after you pass from this temporal plane.

I share all this because one of the Truth Rules I had been planning to share for some time definitely relates to this main one, and that is this.

You can't stop Covid from killing you.

Originally the Truth Rule I wanted to share was: Masks are useless everywhere, not just outdoors.

I know that sounds odd, Covid will kill you so don't wear masks. So many have seared the lie into their minds it is hard to extract it. The truth is Covid is deadly but no deadlier than any other quite common disease we try to prevent. Noble efforts indeed, nothing wrong with them. The science though is conclusive: Masks mean nothing. Other things may mean something, they're fine -- masks aren't. They are merely "dread fueling devices," if you will, just items to make everyone needlessly afraid of everyone else.

Quite a handy tool in the hands of an intrepid System potentate.

Recently the Centers for Disease Control issued a statement saying vaccinated people may take their masks off outdoors as long as you aren't in a crowd. That's nice, more of the lie wrapped in concessionary language. For one, people with fine immune systems don't need to be vaccinated, especially for an illness that is not a threat to 99% of the population and even then only to certain persons with health or age issues. For two, masks do not work anywhere, even indoors for the same reasons. You are certainly a bit more likely to get Covid in certain indoor environments, but masks mean nothing unless it is a special mask employed for a special circumstance. And that's still besides the point that if you are part of the 99% you'll still be fine if you get it and we can do all we can to compassionately address what we need for the other 1%. This is just not rocket science. There's a little bit of medical science in there, yes, but it really isn't that hard if you weave your way past all the lies told over and over again.

There are all kinds of extraordinarily reasonable considerations in all of this. 

One of them is that there are indeed certain wise things people can do to try to prevent any illness from hurting them. Diet. Exercise. Take vitamins. Be reasonably sanitary. Have decent sanitation around you and effective ventilation in certain indoor areas. Stay home when sick. Cover coughs and sneezes. Have some knowledge of basic medicine and pay for medical facilities if a major issue arises. Even sustain a vibrant social network of supportive people.

When have we not done these things anyway.

But the Truth Rules here still apply, yet so many are simply not accepting that dozens of things like Covid are going to be everywhere no matter what Herculean efforts are undertaken to try to stop them so well-meaning people (re: elected government officials) can boast they're trying to do something. Even more importantly your days are numbered like the hairs on your head, and you'll either end up in life or in judgment after your days are up. While it is good to do nice things to prevent death and disease from getting you and your loved ones so you can live a nice life for a while...

Where are you going to be a hundred years from now?

What will all that you're frantically trying to do now TO STOP THE COVID DAMMIT GIT YER MASK ON YOU PATHETIC IGNORAMUS! mean a hundred years from now? What kinds of things do you see yourself doing simply because -- don't worry you're not the only one! -- you simply refuse to confront the stark reality of this truth? 

So, are you involved in the human sacrifice practices of the World System -- perfectly legitimate! Again, you can readily see the System ops in action, as they should be! If you're helping out in the name of tolerance and equity and all the other things that are right now disintegrating people's lives and eroding their souls, then go for it. You are faithfully doing Cain's authoritative work, and very industriously. Good for you, for really, in a perverse sense you may be valiantly keeping people alive for just another minute, maybe just one more minute so by God's mercy they'll see it all for what it is and turn to Christ. It is precisely the reason God is permitting it to thrive.

Then you may step over to meet The Self-Sacrificer holding out His nail-scarred hands to invite you to The Kingdom. That's totally on the opposite side of things, there, way over there, far from the dissolution of the World which is busy busy busy, happy doing its thing shaming people to death with mask mandates and vaccination requirements and whatever else it does.

But then, again...

The Kingdom.

Then you may truly love others in the way He's given you to love, and experiencing the love people crucified with Him want to offer you too.

Might want to think about latching on to Him.

You've only got a minute left...


The image is from the KTAR news website. Thank you.



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