Another Critical Facet of an Extraordinarily Important Truth Rule

In my last blog post I shared a bit about a critically important Truth Rule that is under serious attack by a critical mass of severely misguided and stunningly powerful individuals and interest groups, the very simple one that you simply cannot choose your sexual identity. It is an impossibility, just as it is an impossibility to fly without some kind of lifting apparatus should you leap from a tall building. Just as you would plop when landing hard on the concrete below, believing you can be some kind of "gender" of your choosing slams you very hard on all sorts of agonizing emotional, psychological, spiritual, and of course physical consequences.

I have been thinking about blogging a bit more on these Truth Rules, thinking of some important ones, doing it because in some ways it merely helps me process the attacks against them by those foolish detracting voices out there. The biological sex one? Wow, is that loud. Ouch, my ears hurt.

Those Truth Rules remarks may be on the way depending on the time I have. 

I merely wanted to add here something that was in the news related to the response that South Dakota governor had when she vetoed that state law prohibiting biological males to compete in women's sporting events. Turns out she was correct -- what a daunting task to fight against the NCAA. She was clearly quite timid in refusing to stand up to them, that's part of the point.

But sure enough, the NCAA announced today that it is all in on allowing "trans" individuals to compete in the sporting events related to their "chosen" "gender" identity. Forgive me, but for clarification -- part of the Truth Rule -- these items are in quotes because, for one, yet again, gender is a completely made-up fiction that enables so many to believe they can choose their sexual identity. It is sad so many speak in those terms even if rejecting them, which does not help their case.

Back to the NCAA. The main point here is this.

For enough people who know the Truth Rule and want it to be fully respected, the answer is simple. Anyone who is serious about respecting the rule must grow a pair (to use a phrase, excuse me) and have the courage to form another collegiate athletic association.

Like, right now.

Don't wait around. Do it right now -- this minute.

Get your school out of the NCAA right this second, and get with other schools to form an NCAA that is bigger and better and larger and made up of all the best, brightest, smartest, wisest schools who will all compete against one another with the full-throttled insight and plain simple sanity of respecting the Truth Rule.

Yes, all the Ivy League schools, all the powerful football SEC schools, and the PAC 10 schools, you know UCLA, USC, Stanford, Oregon, and Arizona State -- all of them -- the Big 10 schools, Michigan and Ohio State and Purdue and all of them -- EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IF THEY TRULY RESPECT THE RULE.

Now here's the thing. Really. The tragic part.

What do you think will happen?


Oh there'll be some whining and groaning and of course the very best dissembling -- "It's no big deal," "It won't have that much of an impact," "We'll just insist we're tolerant and the very few 'trans' people who compete will be allowed to just be nice." Mostly it is because they are so frightened out of their wits that the woke masses will be so viciously and deafeningly censorious that they can't help but concede in dangerously pusillanimous ways.

The main reason nothing meaningful will be done about it is the country is far too Catholicized. The university system is far too influenced by the monolithically potent Jesuit schools whose regiment of study is replicated in every secular educational institution in the nation.

This is precisely the way Rome wants it.

So the Truth Rule gets some screeching respect, but nothing is done to actually respect it. This is to accomplish what Rome has always accomplished throughout history: destabilize society so people's lives are so miserable that they must give their sworn fealty to the ordained potentate. That's fine, that's the way it is supposed to be.

Wait a minute, how could that be fine? I mean the way you said it here it really looks like a very bad thing?

Oh it is, it certainly is.

The flip side is that God will turn that evil against itself and draw people to Him out of it. Please know it is not God doing any of it. Rome is doing its thing as it must outside of God's presence. (Again, check out the fourth chapter of Genesis for more!) But God knew what humans were like. Jesus said as much, knowing man's heart, knowing he was evil through and through. Yet He still loved them and died for them -- "For God demonstrated His love for us, while we were sinners He died for us."

That's the awesome thing. Very awesome His mercy and grace and love and forgiveness and salvation. Very very very awesome.

But it means nothing without affirming the Truth Rule and seeing how, as you can easily see in the details elucidated in this post, we do diddly squat to actually authentically live by that rule.

Enter Christ.

There He is. Knowing all of this. Yet still extending those nail scarred hands to each one of us.


The Grace. What an awesome thing.

Can we still be truthful? About the Truth Rule? And share it with others? And yes, even form an athletic association that may at first have only a handful of principled schools in it truly and joyfully respecting the Truth Rule?

Of course!

And it would be blessed by God because not only is Jesus Grace but He is Truth as well. Go ahead, read it there in the first chapter of John's gospel. 

He is the Truth Rule.

Bless You Lord.


The image is a Getty Image from the website of the Fox5 news station in Washington DC.



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