The Truth Rules

Not only does Truth Rule, but there are certain rules about life that are truthful no matter what you think, feel, believe, or are absolutely convinced about. I have a good friend who is a bit humanistically minded, well, sorry, his thinking is really influenced by humanist thought, meaning he believes just being a good kind polite human being is perfectly fine, that there are fine solutions to bad things that do not necessarily require God, and that the answer "That's just what you think, not everyone thinks like you" is the mic-drop argument winner.

I wanted to share a few Truth Rules here, some that I see are quite dismissed by a humanist overrun populace. These are rules that apply in every circumstance, and while it is perfectly fine for someone to disagree, like the rules of physics such as the law of gravity or the rules of mathematics such as quadratic equations, these rules are inviolate. And please, as I think somewhat highly of the falsification principle, please share with me how these rules do not work as they are. I'd love to hear about them. I don't think they exist, but maybe I don't know yet! I'm great having the conversation.

Here's the first Truth Rule I'd like to address.

You are a biologically determined sexual being.

No matter how much you are a female who really truly actually believes you are a male, you aren't. Yes, forgive me, but I am speaking for you. It is. It just is. It isn't because I'm saying it is what it is, or you wanting it to be different. You can do nothing about it. No matter how much you, as a female, believe yourself with whatever rationalization you can concoct that you are a male, your thinking does not change the nature of the Truth Rule.

Don't misunderstand me. You are more than welcome to believe in the depths of your heart you're a five-legged chartreuse polka-dotted ceramic pangolin if you want. It doesn't make it so. You are also welcome to behave in certain ways that would generally not be as accepted in regular social society -- in fact women have been wearing pants for years when once that was frowned upon by many. But a woman is still a woman and there are certain things about women that belong exclusively to women -- many of them wonderfully awesome things any human should authentically appreciate, not just women who know women or men who only luridly look at women a certain way.

I'm not going to get deep into the entire male-female discourse right now, I almost did just there and that would indeed take volumes. It's cool, we can continue to have the conversation. Doesn't change the rule. I should add that it applies equally to males, I'm not trying to give more weight of responsibility to females, although the facts I've seen show that more females have been doing "transitioning" things than males. The reason I mention it in this post is because there is a lot of talk now about whether or not children should be enduring transgender-oriented sex-altering treatments, you know, in the name of insisting this particular Truth Rule does not apply to them.

This is not the conversation we should be having. I'm not saying children should be good to go with this thing. The point is the farther we go merely talking about how much we should be resoundingly rejecting childhood medical transition activity is to implicitly endorse adult medical transition activity. The fact is because of this Truth Rule we should be wholly and enthusiastically rejecting all such medical transition activity, for anyone. It is simply bodily mutilation, it should be addressed as such, and it should be prohibited for everyone anywhere anyhow, children, adults, everyone.

Think of it this way. What if someone came to a doctor and said, "I'm a slug. I want you to cut off my arms and sew my legs together. I'm a person of means, so I'll pay you $10 million to do so. And of course being an adult I'm allowed." If you are all in on an individual's freedom to decide, on their autonomy over their own body, on their privilege to decide their own gender -- what could you have against this? Now you may be a very logically consistent individual and say, "Yep, I agree, I should have nothing to say about that." That's cool, at least you are honest.

Except you have a problem. First of all you still very much know about the Truth Rule, in this instance you are a biologically determined species. You can't deny it no matter how magnanimous you say you want to be. No human being should really ever think themselves a slug. It is foolish. It is even legitimately insane. Secondly you would really have issues living and working in the midst of someone like that. Think about being at the job, the human-transitioned-slug does all his work very well, but he lies on the office carpeting and slowly inches between the work cubicles. Hey! He's a slug! Be respectful of his "true identity!" Please! Don't be a bigot!

Then there is the medical issue. What would happen to a doctor who actually consented to do such surgery? He would lose his license, his reputation. Why? Really, why? Why should the institutions that make our civilized world what it is penalize that doctor in any way? I thought one's own autonomy ruled? What difference does it make whether he cut off someone's perfectly healthy arms or their perfectly healthy genitalia? Certainly the slug-wannabe could get a "back alley" procedure, of course, but alas, that still doesn't violate the Truth Rule. Indeed part of the issue is that those who endure body mutilation are expecting everyone else to embrace their folly -- indeed you can get in trouble, even prosecuted in some way if you do not express your approval of a surgically transitioned individual by neglecting to, say, call them by their preferred pronoun.

Recently the governor of Arkansas was criticized for vetoing a bill in his state that would've made childhood chemical castration against the law -- again, misguided to begin with because by default it makes adult chemical castration acceptable. But the governor simply said "I'm for freedom, this is a difficult decision for a doctor and parent." It sounds so splendidly Republican! But alas, it is just more refusal to abide by the Truth Rule. It isn't just sad, it is lethal. It is like telling someone who makes really good excuses for not grasping the law of gravity "Jump off the tall building if you want, if you think you'll go up, great! I don't want to judge. I'm for freedom of choice."

It is lethal because so many transitioned individuals are gut-wrenchingly racked by the emotional pain of their "gender dysphoria," which is really just an asinine made-up medical term for the legitimate developmental issues that caused the dysfunction (and should indeed be properly and compassionately addressed by Truth Rule respecting individuals) and the contemptible failure of us all to insist others look carefully and see clearly the obvious and life-saving merit of the Truth Rule. They are enduring horrific emotional agony that leads to depression, anxiety, drug addiction, and suicide. Some set on fully transitioning are committing suicide before they go through with anything. Many will make the excuse that is because of the perceived intolerant societal opprobrium, but it is almost exclusively because they are not viscerally assenting to the Truth Rule -- they simply are not accepting this aspect of who they are and there is a legion of institutionalized virtue-signaling browbeaters impeding their capacity to do so. What is worse is the vulnerable are kept from seeing the truth most notably in the spiritual sense.

The spiritual sense?

Much of the issue is that these people have made Society a god instead of making God their God, the One made them the way they are biologically and loves them that way and wants the very best for them whether they are fully male or fully female -- something they cannot change. Autonomy is a good thing, there are many things we can choose to do, God wants us to make decisions about all kinds of things. The now far-too-difficult challenge is to know which things are which. Deciding between butter pecan and raspberry fudge swirl ice cream is a great thing. Deciding between being a male or female is not. Period. And as long as we don't stand up for that Truth Rule with courage and, yes, some measure of grace and understanding, then we'll see across our communities and nation a swath of terribly wounded people, both physically and spiritually, and as it looks it will be mostly very young people because the idea that it is so "bold" and "brave" and "it speaks truth to power" is hammered so mercilessly at our youth.

My God what are we doing to our young people not telling them about this so critically important Truth Rule.

One more thing. There was another governor of a state, this one South Dakota, who got in hot water for vetoing another bill, this one prohibiting transitioned males from competing in women's sports. She too made all kinds excuses -- just like so many politicians seeking the best ingratiation from woke corporate interests -- employing casuistry, sophistry, equivocation, dissembling. Sounds like The Society, and when I say "The Society," I am speaking of a real organization that is essentially the main influencer in our world today. It has been for centuries. They are experts in what these governors were doing. It all sounds so good, and it is so wretchedly destructive.

You could see it in the fine graphic from artist Ruben Cueto I've included in this blog post. "The Nauseous Canary," what a great title. There is that governor, telling that woman she can't actually be the full, wonderful, beautiful woman God made her to be because, as you can see there, "Not interested in picking a fight we can't win."


What exactly are those forces guaranteed to defeat her?

The governor said they were the lawyers and the corporate interests who would push back against her stand for women's rights in this instance, but my question is, who are the ones influencing them?

Who? Do you know?

And please know this bit-more-obscure but just-as-veritable Truth Rule: those forces are supposed to govern the World System as they are charged to do. They do share with us who they are, they can't do anything without letting us know. Carefully read the fourth chapter of the book of Genesis, you'll see that identifying signature there. You'll also read about their duties, it's all there too. You'll see what God thinks about them -- He makes it all very clear. And those people doing those things are still doing them today. All over the place. All over the souls of those who refuse to call on Him for their livelihoods and salvation. 

On the other hand, if you call on Him who has mercy written all over His scarred hands and feet, then you'll understand. You'll not only really get the Truth Rule but you'll enjoy the Grace Freedom too. In fact it is the only way to be free from the horrors of all the sexual dysfunction that is today ravaging the hearts, souls, and bodies of so many, again mostly so many of our precious kids.

The awesome thing is that He's always there too, always, with a universe-full of love to pour out all over anyone who wants Him.


I'd planned to include thoughts about other Truth Rules, but it is just too much for one blog post. Next time, a similar folly: That to fend off the ugly beast Covid, facial masks are needed indoors but not outdoors. No, sorry, masks do nothing anywhere except degrade and dehumanize people. Oh my I can hear the humanist influenced screeching already -- so much to that Truth Rule that so many simply refuse to grasp! And it is the epidemiology, and beyond. For next time!

One more note, here is a blog post I just now came across that gets a bit more into the inanity of the whole dysphoria craze, something being widely used to try to add a weird sort of legitimacy to someone's "freedom" to say they are absolutely anything they want. Talk about the most lethal widespread rejection of the Truth Rules, yet if you were to say "Ahem, this individual is definitely detached from reality," be on the lookout for the thought police who may charge you with the crime being mean, intolerant, and bigoted.

I must also add a link to this piece, a riveting expose about how much of a hell is the main generator of overarching public policy, the headquarters of decision-making which indeed includes all the bastardization of sexual integrity and sanctification of sexual immorality addressed briefly above. It is probably the preeminent educational institution of The Society, and you'll get a fine idea of how demonic all of it really is.


The image is of course art by Ruben Cueto, and was borrowed from the American Greatness website. Thank you.



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