More on the Vast Religion of Wokeism Courtesy of Some Who Are Looking At It a Bit

A reminder of one of those Truth Rules:

Everything is religion.

Sure everything has to do with politics because we're always working through how we can get along with others. That's fine. Sure everything has to do with economics because we're always valuing things and making decisions about those things. That's fine too.

Here's the thing, though. Why do we do any of those things?

It has everything to do with the character of the one we worship.

And really, it comes down to only two. Are you worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth as Jesus asked us back in that fourth chapter of John's gospel? Or are you worshipping that Principality manifesting himself as any of a hundred different objects of worship, all of them forms of Jesus to provide something that someone believes is that ultimate raison d'etre?

Who is it?

I'm really just posting here to share some phenomenal written pieces out there on the web that advance the verity of this Truth Rule. Those who are driving the whole socialist sodomist racialist foundation of Cain's Legacy, and doing it at a rather breakneck pace I might add, are doing so in the enthusiastic worship and industrious service of their god.

This piece by Jay Whig does a very succinct job to demonstrate the Covid hysteria is really just robust superstitious practice -- the science, the common sense, the simple rationality is just completely absent. Kelliegh Nelson over at News With Views is a writer I've frequented, and this piece just blows up the fantasy-laden bleating of the Covid virtue-signaling maniacs.

This piece by another of my favorites, Joy Pullman, has a brevity that is delightful but a bite that viciously slices and dices. It cuts to the truth that all the wokeists have in their rhetorical arsenal is the charge that if you don't believe in their religion you must be some kind of crazy person. Really, when you think about it, it is true. All the name-calling, all the truth-bashing, all the pretense-spouting -- none of it grounded in anything solidly true and righteous.

This one by Peter W. Wood is one of the best, speaking of the current witch hunt that is critical theory-oriented public policy and practice as nothing other than exactly the same thing that happened in Salem in the 1600s. Today there are just a lot of accusations tossed about for the sole purpose of making the accuser look good. Chest-pounding virtue-signaling, when you think about it, isn't that one of the main features of a nice feel-good religion?

And for the cult-like following that is what I've termed sodomism, meaning anything that promotes or celebrates or feverishly labors to get doctors to mutilate people in the name of some kind of gender identification transmogrification -- any sexual practice or endorsement of that practice outside the bounds of healthy marital sexual interaction -- there is this piece by Ryan T. Anderson, eviscerating the claims that the ideology, in this case this transgender nonsense, has any meaningful logic or rational integrity behind it. It is a grand, tall, very high house of cards that collapses under the weight of its own incoherency.

There are indeed many pieces like these out there from fine web pundits, just flat-out elucidating the truths behind the Truth Rules so many disdainfully dismiss under the penetrating hypnosis of their gods. These writings are very good ways to learn about the World, they really are.

The two key things missing from them though are not shared very often, but I usually try to do so here.

Indeed much of my entire web ministry effort is wrapped up in these two things.

One, all of this gruesomely ugly socialist sodomist racialist hellscape is indeed precisely what those administering Cain's Legacy want to have happen. Mostly you'll see people liking it -- of course their god demands it -- or despising it and wanting to start a noble war against it, I get that -- that shit is really bad shit, it is.

What fewer people see is that this is Cain's M.O. from Day One, signed sealed and delivered by God Himself. Don't take my word for it, read up, there in the fourth chapter of Genesis. All the socialist sodomism racialism horrors were, are, and always will be set there deliberately by Cain's present-day covert ops, the Jesuits, to get things going the way they are going right now just about the way they want for the expressed purpose of cracking heads in ways most people don't mind having their heads cracked about. ::Whew!::

Two. Jesus Christ is there to rescue you from it all. The shit that people do -- and the shit that Cain does in response. Want out? Go to Him. Want to stay in? That's cool too, sometimes it is fun to mix it up there, throw a few punches here and there -- trust me, I know, I have rich Irish blood in me.

But that's the World. It is what it is. 

The Kingdom is there too. You can go there and fight just as ferociously, just with the weapons of mercy, grace, healing, forgiveness, charity, peace, gentleness, humility, faithfulness, fortitude, joy, and a bunch of other things the World just doesn't get.

They've just got another god, another religion they like better.

I just don't think they've been introduced to the One Who Truly Delivers.


The image of the mascot from Notre Dame University is from the Daily Herald in Chicago, thank you.



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