The Newest Denomination of the Official Religion of the United States

The first amendment of the United States Constitution firmly declares that people have a right to refuse to worship the object of the country's officially established religion. Oh I know it says the United States shall not have an official religion, but it does.

The newest denomination of that religion is the one that declares that the authorized way to worship the state's god is to swath one's countenance with a cloth covering of some kind. The rationale for such a piously celebrated action is that it prevents germs from moving out and about. The claim that science justifies it is preposterous because it conclusively does not, thus, it is religion.

Everything is religion anyway, so it is completely understandable. For every claim "It's the science!" there must be some religious reasoning behind it, especially if it is mandated by government officials.

Recently the large county near my home announced it was forcing compliance to perform the liturgy once again: mask-wearing for everyone, everywhere, starting on Saturday. It is truly an amazing scientific fact that the bug will not start assaulting people until then -- these public health mandarins are geniuses!

A few weeks ago we visited a small food court in a quasi-mall, and it was packed. About twenty food vender sections served fine fair while benches, tables, and chairs were squished in the walking passages between them. All the service personnel wore masks, most of those walking about wore masks, but every single individual sitting enjoying their dining experience were not wearing masks. Again, all of them, every one of them, indoors, who-knows-what kind of ventilation -- many of them there in close proximity to one another standing, walking, sitting, and respirating within two feet of each other.

Amazing scientific truth here! Just that with the crowds and everyone bustling about and the air filled with who-knows-what, the bad bug must by order of THE SCIENCE stop cold before it reaches the people at those benches and tables!

I believe the religion has much more to its magisterium than we know. Some of it is in the fact that people now doing much of their discursive interaction do it online, and as such desperately want to remain anonymous, sporting hip spiffy usernames as identification. Why not remain anonymous in real-life encounters? Yeah, sometimes at the grocery store I don't want to be recognized by people I don't like, that's it, for sure!

Keeping one from being recognized, hiding from those with whom we have to do, spouting about how splendidly dutiful we are to follow the System's creeds and being able to do it with only a face diaper signifying grand virtue -- this is religion. It is the religion of Cain's Legacy, and it is certainly quite necessary for tightly gripping a populace who has no idea of the freedom, peace, and joy that can be found in the Kingdom.

This has a religion too, I must admit.

But that religion is one thing, well, it is One Person.

That Person was God in the flesh giving His life for anyone willing to enter His Kingdom. Yes, He said you've got to go though His Door, not like a robber flailing at trying to get it the way he wants to. Just ask Him to open it for you and He'll enthusiastically let you in.

Yes, it does require trusting Him, believing on Him, asking Him for understanding about what Kingdom life is all about. And yes, you've got to die to the self and all its dreads and compulsions and rabid insistences that whatever THE SCIENCE says is truth.

Nothing against science, science is an awesome thing. It is just most science shared by the System is merely religion. 

You'll be religious, no matter what. To screech "I'M NOT RELIGIOUS" is indeed a religious statement. And there are really only two.

The World's and the Kingdom's. 

You'll be in one of them, no matter what. Which one is the one with Life? One has a lot of devotees who are raging about clutching their lives by donning the proper facial vestment, the other has congregants willing to die out of love for others yet will have their lives in their original beauties and glories given back to them. 

It all happens in the next minute. You may decide for Life right now and experience rapturous joy with those who know they are loved by a Good Savior. 

Or if not you're still just a wisp, dust to dust earth to earth.

But hey, you've got a face mask on, good for you.


The image is from the South China Morning Post. Thank you.



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