The Reality of the Successor Ideology

A bit of a follow-up to the last post on this "Successor Ideology," the current expansive cultural takeover by leftist ideological forces. It's just the latest version -- things like this have happened in history a dozen times before. Ho-hum.

The reality is that this must happen as the inevitable results of the necessary machinations required for Cain's Legacy to administer the sin management program the vast Catholicist population demands of it.

Right now the battle over the reigning Ideology is being fought on the terms set by the "Critical Race Theory" aficionados. You can't help but see it in action. If you proudly pronounce your affinity for critical theory components, you'll enthusiastically boast about your efforts to teach it to our children continuing the Frankfurt School indoctrination that has been progressing for decades now. We're only teaching about how ashamed certain children must feel for their role in harming others unless they're non-white because after all that's the real history and a very very good thing indeed.

If, on the other hand, you question its substance especially as a white man claiming it is itself racist, that clearly demonstrates your racist proclivities and denial of how guilty you are of making officially classified victims' lives miserable -- and, oh by the way, whatever it is you say it is, that is something we are not teaching to any of our children. And if you are non-white or non-male and you question anything about any of this you are also very bad but you still have a chance to rejoin all of us noble wholesome anti-racist people.

It is classic Jesuitic casuistry. It doesn't matter what you say, you lose. Because so many are so hypnotized by it through lack of training in logic, rhetoric, and Scriptural truths -- lives, livelihoods, and souls are destroyed.

Again, it doesn't matter which side is which, the reigning hegemony will insist they comprise the truly good people. Kingdom truths demonstrate something very different. 

Each one of us is rotten to the core. From king to peasant, doesn't matter. Each one of us is worse than the worst racist. Racism is bad and racialism is just as bad. Sin is worse. The worst of all is when we go to great lengths to deny our guilt. There is not a single thing any one of us can do to alleviate that, not a single thing. We need Christ -- that's it. He's the Deliverance from ourselves. Nothing else works because justice in the eyes of a holy God is brutal.

Until one discovers this truth and enters into repentant living trusting on Christ and Him alone for righteousness and salvation, there is the stopgap that is Cain's Legacy. Read about its establishment in the fourth chapter of Genesis. Cain's got seven-fold strength running the city utilizing grand imaginative acts of human sacrifice to prosecute evildoers. Any such individual may instead come to Christ, but if they don't they are by default Cain's.

Which means, yes, one of those little considered Truth Rules:

Everyone worships someone.

That's the Truth Rule. Pretty simple, extraordinarily profound.

And no, it is a lie for someone to say, "I just worship myself. I'm my own decision-maker. I'm my own world." How foolish.

Nope. Every individual worships someone else, someone. Do you know who you worship? A long time ago people would worship other gods represented by figurines carved into shapes, mostly animal shapes. In today's modernist world that may seem far-fetched, but as Scripture says there in the first chapter of the letter to the Romans, "They worshipped the creature rather than the Creator."

That creature may be just as much a human being as anything. Whose ideas are you following? If you loathe this Christian thing because it is too patriarchal, domineering, intolerant, and judgmental... why? It is likely you are not rejecting Christ, but Rome, and as such you are in a very profound way worshipping the certain political leaders. Hate those overbearing hypocritical potentates? Do they live rent-free in your head? The number of people who still rail against Donald Trump -- it's quite a few!

Don't be so judgmental!

Did Christ say some things that sounded kind of judgmental? Yeah, but how are you any different? Are you judging Christ? Are you being judgmental towards the things you see you don't like? 

Rome is actually doing its job in the very important Ministry of Condemnation. Don't want to feel condemned? Then don't be condemned. Let Rome do its proper work, then turn 180 degrees to The One who loves you enough to die for you and forgive you of those things you yourself can't stand.

Yes, in a way that's the fight. I'd mentioned in my last post that we all need to be in the fight somewhere somehow. Ooo, that sounds mean, fighting. But God tells us it is okay as long as it is from the Kingdom. What does that look like?

I'd just finished the 29th chapter of Jeremiah in my personal Bible study time. That's the chapter that has that 11th verse in it, you know it, God is telling the exiled that He has plans and a future for them. Every Christian on the planet quotes it as an encouraging verse. 

But in this instance God is merely telling those He's told to get going to Babylon that He still cares about them -- yes, awesome stuff, God cares. His promises are sure. He keeps you in His mighty grip.

Here's the thing. Do you know what it says there in that 29th chapter of Jeremiah before He assures them? Do you know? Might be worth a read. He says a lot of extremely important things. One of them: Don't let the false prophets and diviners among you deceive you.


There are a number of people who think they're all that spiritually, you know, tuned into what God really wants. "God doesn't want you to be unhappy, so there is no way he'd send you to live in that mean place, Babylon." Sounds familiar, doesn't it? One such prophet, Hananiah, said a lot of this, and died shortly afterwards.

That "Critical Race Theory" stuff? It is poisonous crap, it really is. Fight to see it for what it is and understand it. But you know something?

It may simply be something you cannot stop as it may just be a fine way the World System does its job. Know about it, teach about what it really is to your children, articulate the truth about it, know how it is being used to keep the Jesuit-influenced virtue-signaling blasting out of rear ends because it may be all they've got right now --

It is all arranged for the legitimate governing purposes of Cain's Legacy, it is. Accept that as you grasp its reprobation.

Then minister to those who may intuitively know these things with Christ's love and wisdom and peace and overwhelming Kingdom agape love.

Get into the fight with that armor -- you know what it is, from the sixth chapter of Ephesians -- truth, peace, righteousness, readiness, faith, salvation, Spirit, word. Get to the front lines, because, wow, it is gruesome out there.

So many lost people need Christ like nothing else. Look at that World System Successor Ideology stuff and put it up against the beauty and glory of Christ and His Kingdom. Look. 

See the contrast.

Oh my.


The image is from the Versobooks website. It is of rioting in London in 2011. Huh.



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