The Rationale of an Excommunication

My recent home page piece gets a bit into my own professional life, and the experiences I have had with the now entrenched woke hegemony. I have been an experienced and reasonably decorated school teacher for now about 35 years. Most of that time was spent teaching high school Civics and Economics in the public school system, and certainly being a devout follower of Christ I have wondered if readers of my webzine and blog might wonder, "How could you be situated in such a System institution like that?"

I have indeed thought about assembling something of a comprehensive polemic to answer that question, and I'm afraid I cannot do that now. It is simply because there is so much to it, including my consideration that people like Joseph and Daniel were in the service of Caesar in some high office yet still served Christ and loved others where they were.

I have also had the opportunity to share Christ's love with thousands of students, some hundred of whom actively and volitionally took the time to share their appreciation for what they were taught and who I was for them in the classroom. That has meant so much to me -- in my view a confirmation of God's use of me to serve Him by loving them with my hard work as a teacher.

But yes, as my webzine monograph details a bit, there is so much of the World System filth that permeates the public school system -- indeed the private Christian school system too. That was one of the most striking things about teaching in three different Christian high schools -- not parochial Catholic schools mind you, but schools that appeared to be somewhat given over to Jesus and respect for Scriptural truths.

While the people in those places did in some measure expressively comport themselves as Christians, there were so many things so many of them said that made me wonder about their convictions. Those things they said did convince me that these supposedly Christian institutions were, indeed, quite Catholicized. These were bodies that were so given over to the World System's direction and constraints, much because they received tax-exemption and grant money benefits that to be too much The Kingdom would compromise their access to those privileges.

As for my own convictions related to my own professional conduct, I spent an entire year teaching at a private Christian school during quite a bit of still-festering Covid hysteria. I actually thought they were over that, but they weren't. A month into the school year the county highly recommended mask-wearing again, and the school strongly suggested all the teachers wear masks again. For students it was optional, and while about two-thirds of them did not wear masks, the others were pretty ferocious about sticking them to their face, I mean really sticking them on -- I never saw the faces of about a dozen of my students the entire year, never.

Needless to say, I was firmly against any of the Covid protocols, not just because they were completely unnecessary but actually dangerous and lethal. I respectfully told each of the key administrative personnel about my convictions, as extensively but as succinctly as I could including just a few key points related to the actual science. I told them that I would not wear a mask or get tested or show I was vaccinated or any of that. They initially were very gracious and abstaining from any of it I was allowed to finish out the school year. I will add briefly that I never said anything averse about any of it to anyone who chose to comply, not a single time, to any student, colleague, or anyone.

The problem was every other teacher wore a mask. If you didn't show proof of vaccination you were required to get tested in the health office once a week. I quietly refused to do any of that. While they never said anything against my position, I can't believe it didn't affect what they thought of me -- that I was some carelessly dismissive science-denier who didn't love his neighbor enough to keep them from getting my disease. And I am certain the school heard from a few parents who were told by students that I was one of those kinds of people.

So many things happened that school year that just showed me how misled, uninformed, and hypocritical many of these people were. I saw the devastating effects on the students themselves in specific instances I just don't have time to get into now. These were people I'd truly respected, befriended, appreciated for giving me an opportunity to teach in what was really a beautiful little school that openly claimed to be truly Christian.

But when you look deeper inside.

It was heart-breaking to be told my services were no longer needed, and just as much never to hear from them ever again after the school year ended. But again I know why God had it happen. Part of that is so I could find other teaching oriented opportunities for people who do respect what I do and what I have to offer as a teacher. But as I shared in the webzine piece some of it was for me to see the gruesome ugliness of World System activity.

There is more, so much more. The Covid stuff is just part of it. 

Again, for my readers who may still be wondering, "What other bad thing could you have done to make them dislike you so?" Again, I did share truthful things in the classroom that were just too controversial. "Marriage is only between a man and a woman." Remember, I'm teaching Civics and Economics, so open discussion points like this should be perfectly fine.

But that one subject in particular. The entire sexual integrity issue has become strictly verboten. The principal of the Christian school I'd just mentioned told me, "Maybe we'd best avoid the hot-topic issues." Guh? Of course she doesn't know -- she couldn't understand and trust that I only shared those things at the appropriate times, that I was gracious and respectful to every student in the class even if they disagreed, that I never belabored the subject, and again that there were so many students who would tell me how much they appreciated that I spoke truthfully, articulately, and courageously about those things that they know themselves are good and true.

But then...

There's that World System infection for you.

So much more to address in all of this, but for now, my home page piece gets into the reasons why it is that way, why the woke dominion has simply metastasized as monstrously as it has.


Here's a blog post that was one of many I made right when the Covid hysteria started in spring of 2020. It will give you an idea of my position which, as you will read, is the one that is the most truthful -- scientifically, economically, and most important biblically. It is good to know there are indeed quite a few people who do concur. I can't help but add the following Twitter post I just saw. I could include a whole encyclopedia of these...


The image at the beginning of this post is from a page at the Jerm Warfare website. Thank you.



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