Remember Remember THIS Fifth of November

Huh, I just heard for the first time when this year's US presidential election day is.

November 5th.

Huh. Didn't know that.

Because as you know, "Remember remember the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot. For there is a reason why gunpowder and treason should ne'er be forgot."

What does that mean? Does it mean that because they once tried to assassinate our beloved king by detonating a gazillion kegs of explosives under the Parliament building we'd better be sure that kind of thing just doesn't happen again by ferociously prosecuting those we all are told did it? And if anyone tries to do it again they know they'll get it right in the ----?!

Or is it a reminder that any time a king even once even remotely even a little bit tries to be a ::gasp:: -- TYRANT -- then we all know what to do? So don't forget it, okay, don't forget what they tell us needs to be done to keep the bad tyranny away... In the great glorious name of DEMOCRACY!

Umm, which is it?

Doesn't really matter. It's all the same. The whole gunpowder plot shit is always re-enacted in some form or another through the ages, sometimes it is grand and spectacular like the Kennedy assassination, Nine-Eleven, and the Covid hysteria. Other times it is smaller in scale, or even protracted hyperbole like the whole sodomist-slash-racialist crusading and climate change alarmism.

All designed, arranged, and sustained by the World Ops working deep in the bowels of the Roman Ecclesiocracy to... to...

Really, to get enough people to just plain not forget.

To get people to keep roiling through their noggins that their privileged civil authority bullies are the preferred ones, that their bullies are going to be the ones who'll SAVE US! AND KEEP OUR DEMOCRACY! AND OUR FREEDOMS! AND OUR THINGS-WE-MUST-HAVE-OR-WE'LL-DIE!

Annnd of course they'll go to war to get it. Which is precisely what may happen, maybe, maybe a real something-of-a-hot secessionist-oriented civil war sometime on or around or before or after November 5th of this year. Which is why the date of the election for 2024 is so striking. Oh I think we'll remember the 5th of November this year.

Today I was listening to a podcast with guest Scott Adams, and he repeated the reason a while back his Dilbert comic strip was removed from all 57 gazillion World Operative-pressured journalism publications. What he told us he said back then was, to my best recollection, "If you live in a place where a critical mass of people believe you should have, against your will, a good measure of your value or propriety taken and handed to someone else simply because you have a particular skin color, then get the f*** out of there." 

Of course this was a very principled take against the ugly racialism that has consumed much of public policy and corporate culture today. But to the woke hegemony it was sacrilege punishable by the most extreme banishment.

I mention it not because of the note about being cancelled in today's world -- hey, gone over it, it's been done to me too, yada-yada -- I mention it because I still ask the question: Huh, is it even possible to "get the f*** out?" Physically? To go somewhere where Christ and His Kingdom and His ways of living richly and vibrantly and joyfully and peacefully and industriously and sowingly and charitably and gratefully and abundantly and just where all the sewage of the Catholicist nation has very little run-off?

I saw a post from a pastor I follow on Twitter, and I believe he was quoting some else, but it is a thought. It is something I've even touched on a few times in my web ministry work. 

First I must confess sometimes I wonder about the destiny of this nation. I'm putting up this blog post on July 1 because last year I'd offered a sort-of deadline date for just wondering where this country will be on July 1, 2027. What will this place look like three years from now? So far it hasn't disappointed. This presidential election thing is just whacko right now. Not going to get into the latest, but trust me, it is just whacko.

And just as an aside, it isn't just the United States. Convulsions are happening all around the globe. That pretty much the same kinds of "color revolutions" are happening everywhere means the institutional originator of such Vendetta passions must be by nature universal, or catholic.

Anyway, there in the back of my mind I'm like Jonah. No, not the part when he's swallowed by the fish, but the part when he is sitting on the hill looking over Ninevah waiting for the fire and brimstone to just rain down upon its wicked inhabitants. Yep, I'm kind of like Jonah there. When is God going to bring His judgment against the rank wickedness that is happening all around us right now?

So then there is this post from the pastor, reminding us that God's judgment is already here. Huh, yes. This pastor is right. People are dying real physical deaths simply from the ugly wretched things they do. They are either slowly killing themselves or they are flat-out committing suicide. And the suicide thing? Some people's lives are so miserable and so painfully bereft of any Kingdom meaning that they get out and behave so recklessly that it just doesn't matter to them what happens. In a very real sense it isn't suicide-by-cop but suicide-by-the-man. 

Viz: I hate what the man has done to me I don't care anymore I'm just going to the demonstration to rage because after all they tell me I'm owed and if I don't get it well then what's the point.

They've been taught very well to ne'er forget.

It is clear this is happening. It is everywhere, you can't miss it. Despair and death, overwhelming. On my Twitter feed people were posting images of some "pride" parade somewhere, I think it was San Francisco, pretty much fully naked people doing the most vile things, the streets packed with onlookers including children. I couldn't watch, I scrolled right past them.

But still.

We were on vacation just recently, and one time as we pulled out of the parking space for a fun excursion right next to us was parked a vehicle outside of which were two ladies, at least they kind-of looked like ladies. Probably in their 30s, still hard to tell, one in particular was quite obese and wore some crazy half-dress-half-pants thing. Her hair was pulled up in a knot straight above her head and it was half-bright purple. She also had the requisite t-shirt with something about "pride" in rainbow colors but I couldn't exactly see what it said.

The most striking thing, however, was that she looked absolutely miserable. Her face was pale, gaunt, with a frown a mile long. Her countenance was that of someone who'd absolutely despised life for every day of her past 30 years of living, if you could call it that.

Those World Ops have created an entire planet of people who without Christ are simply self-immolating themselves. (Is that redundant? Self-immolating themselves? Forgive me...) You don't have to be obviously sodomist-minded like these gals to be doing this. The richest swankiest smarmiest people can hate their lives so much that they immerse themselves in the raging virtue-signaling they must do to futilely attempt to overcome their shame and guilt and condemnation on their own.

This is the World.

This is the self-immolation they invite upon themselves.

And yeah, in a very real sense, it is the judgment they deserve. It is all on them. Don't blame God. Call it natural consequences. You want that? Okay, if that's what you want. You said you wanted freedom, well, there you go. Cain's Legacy in the form of the government, the church, the financial institutions, the connected interest groups -- all of it together is just a legitimate instrument of judgment sent out by God. No fire and brimstone necessary.

It's already doing its job.

Can't wait for the 5th of November this year. It'll be a riot.


By the way, in the spirit of this web ministry and to put the emphasis on God's mercy -- after all it does triumph over judgment as it says in the letter of James -- I should mention what happens in Ninevah after Jonah does faithfully let the people there know about their condition. Do you remember? Do you remember remember? Something way better than some gunpowder thing.

They repented.

Really, actually, truly -- the Ninevah inhabitants of that time repented of the sin they knew they were into. They looked into the teeth of God's judgment and knew they stood justifiably condemned.

And God spared them. And they knew it. And they rejoiced, certainly.

Jonah was kind of ticked off about that. God though did firmly share with him the love He had for them.

Again I confess I am sometimes like Jonah. Understandable, I really want the evils I see all around to stop, I want all the harrowing deceit that enslaves people to be seen for what it is, I want to see people delivered from the consequences of their abjectly horrific choices. 

That's not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all.

I would like that evil to be to be far away.

But then, God wants us to be the best Jonahs and end up following through on our commissions to get in there and share Christ with others. 

Yes, maybe His judgment has come upon the United States right now, and I do fear what we'll all see over the next three years, but in that time we can be His mercy...

Always praying...


Hear my cry for mercy
    as I call to You for help,
As I lift up my hands
    toward Your Most Holy Place.
Do not drag me away with the wicked,
    with those who do evil,
Who speak cordially with their neighbors
    but harbor malice in their hearts.
Praise be to the Lord,
    for He has heard my cry for mercy.
The Lord is my strength and my shield;
    my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me.
My heart leaps for joy,
    and with my song I praise Him.
- Psalm 28:2,3,6,7


The first image is a screenshot from somewhere, it is a promotional image from the film and appears everywhere. The second was clipped from a Medium article about the politics of V for Vendetta originally taken from Pinterest originally originally appearing in the Alan Moore graphic novel.



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