The Politics of Witchcraft, Revisited

I recently came across this piece about renowned pastor Tim Keller announcing that we really shouldn't be so mean. Jesus wasn't mean, so we shouldn't either. The piece does a terrific job of calling out Keller for his misunderstanding of Scripture and Who Jesus Is.

The rampaging leftist hegemony is all about ruthless enforcement of its "anti-mean" mandates. No meanness in that at all. Coca-Cola was shredded a new aye-hole itself for insisting people be "less white," which to them means "less arrogant" (you mean unlike the arrogance of your assumptions about others' own personal sentiments about race?), "less certain" (you mean unlike the certainty that what you're telling us right now is true and not totally bat-shit crazy?) and "less defensive" (you mean unlike your ferocious defense of these racialist principles you are shoving in our faces now?)

Indeed Tim Keller is faced with the exact same logical predicament. Isn't he being just as mean telling us we shouldn't be mean to people? "Don't be mean!" "I mean it!" "And I'm not being mean!" Same thing applies to the one who rails against the cancel culture. Ahem, do you want to cancel the cancel culture? Are you yourself a cancel culture warrior? Are you a hater? If you don't like me being a hater are you not then hating my hating?

No, we all have our own cancelling we like to do, every one of us, saint and sinner alike. Be honest. What's really happening, as the PJ Media piece very clearly points out, is Keller is carrying the water for the leftist fascists. Forgive me, I'm not picking on Keller, really. Unfair. Every 501c3 contracted non-profit church organization leader will in some way bend to the dictates of his or her lord. It just isn't Jesus, at least in these instances. I don't want to be, well, mean -- I'm not saying they don't often say very nice things about Jesus and do very nice things for their congregants.

It is just they are beholden to Caesar.

And in turn, they are beholden to Rome and its divinely authorized rule over their affairs, in whatever realm of life there is -- personal, professional, commercial, communal, spiritual. What happens when anyone especially a "person of the cloth" establishes a formal association with Cain's Legacy, they enter into the politics of witchcraft.

"The Politics of Witchcraft" is the title of the epilogue to Tupper Saussy's book Tennessee Waltz, in which he elucidates the most meaningfully exploitive substance of James Earl Ray's prosecution at the hands of the US Government -- dutifully doing the work of Cain's Legacy on behalf of any of those who'd rebel against that fully ordained and authorized legacy. Saussy's acknowledges that it is extraordinarily sad that as great a man as Martin Luther King Jr. was, he too was subject to any and all proper law enforcement executed against him.

This isn't about whether or not anything one way or another is justified. 

It is about identifying what is going on and understanding it for what it is.

Tim Keller and bazillions of others simply do not understand. That's just reality. If they did they'd see the harrowing nature of what they're involved in. Many think they're part of the noble resistance but they're just being played by Caesar's much more deft psych ops. 

One of the most profoundly successful psych ops ever is the present Covid lockdown protocol. Anyone who takes time to look would discover the absolutely absurd things that come from its rationalizations. But too many people have firmly made Caesar their lord, so whatever he says no matter how much dissembling and sophistry is involved -- they just do it.

Look at all the mask-wearers, not really thinking through how mask-wearing kills. It kills the body because masks themselves act as microbe sponges and inhibit natural respiration, as well as keep people thinking they don't have to do the things that truly keep them healthy, such as proper diet, exercise, vitamin intake, and rudimentary sanitation. It kills the mind because it represents the lie that masks "stop the spread" -- they don't, at all, the science proves it -- and makes people believe the mask-wearing will keep a virus from doing what it will do anyway. (If this were the right place I'd provide chapter and verse how deceptively wrong so many medical personnel have been, here is a start.) It kills the soul because it perpetuates the worst dread in everyone, not to mention putting a face diaper over one's face is tremendously degrading and dehumanizing on so many different levels -- this is all death.

But this is what Caesar does as God's permitted governor in the name of Cain's charge to build a city and administer a sin management program for anyone who ask him to do so -- you'd know it because you see the mark, his iconographic signature that authorizes him to do his thing, which includes enlisting hifalutin people like Tim Keller to proclaim no one should be mean so Caesar can look good cracking heads as he should, in hundreds of different imaginative ways. (See the fourth chapter of Genesis for more.)

I have found a new journalist enterprise that is terrific, Off-Guardian, and recently a piece was published that got deep into the true nature of Cain's Legacy. While it gets a bit new-agey with the psych jargon and failure to mention The Real Answer, his analysis of the entrenched infantile psychosis of so many moves them to treat Caesar like a dad is veritable. The thing is this guy has the politics of witchcraft down cold. I usually don't add to a post such long passages, but this is too good. It is from one, Tim Foyle.


Why is it that otherwise perfectly intelligent, thoughtful and rationally minded people baulk at the suggestion that sociopaths are conspiring to manipulate and deceive them? And why will they defend this ill-founded position with such vehemence?

History catalogues the machinations of liars, thieves, bullies and narcissists and their devastating effects. In modern times too, evidence of corruption and extraordinary deceptions abound.

We know, without question, that politicians lie and hide their connections and that corporations routinely display utter contempt for moral norms – that corruption surrounds us.

We know that revolving doors between the corporate and political spheres, the lobbying system, corrupt regulators, the media and judiciary mean that wrongdoing is practically never brought to any semblance of genuine justice.

We know that the press makes noise about these matters occasionally but never pursues them with true vigour.

We know that in the intelligence services and law enforcement wrongdoing on a breathtaking scale is commonplace and that, again, justice is never forthcoming.

We know that governments repeatedly ignore or trample on the rights of the people, and actively abuse and mistreat the people. None of this is controversial.

So exactly what is it that conspiracy deniers refuse to acknowledge with such fervour, righteousness and condescension? Why, against all the evidence, do they sneeringly and contemptuously defend the crumbling illusion that ‘the great and good’ are up there somewhere, have everything in hand, have only our best interests at heart, and are scrupulous, wise and sincere? That the press serves the people and truth rather than the crooks? That injustice after injustice result from mistakes and oversights, and never from that dread word: conspiracy?

What reasonable person would continue to inhabit such a fantasy world?

The point of disagreement here is only on the matter of scale. Someone who is genuinely curious about the plans of powerful sociopaths won’t limit the scope of their curiosity to, for example, one corporation, or one nation. Why would they? Such a person assumes that the same patterns on display locally are likely to be found all the way up the power food chain. But the conspiracy denier insists this is preposterous.


It is painfully obvious that the pyramidical societal and legal structures that humanity has allowed to develop are exactly the kind of dominance hierarchies that undoubtedly favour the sociopath. A humane being operating with a normal and healthy cooperative mindset has little inclination to take part in the combat necessary to climb a corporate or political ladder.

So what do conspiracy deniers imagine the 70 million or more sociopaths in the world do all day, born into a ‘game’, in which all the wealth and power are at the top of the pyramid, while the most effective attributes for ‘winning’ are ruthlessness and amorality? Have they never played Monopoly?

Sociopaths do not choose their worldview consciously, and are simply unable to comprehend why normal people would put themselves at such an incredible disadvantage by limiting themselves with conscientiousness and empathy, which are as beyond the understanding of the sociopath as a world without them are to the humane being.

All the sociopath need do to win in the game is lie publicly whilst conspiring privately. What could be simpler? In 2021, to continue to imagine that the world we inhabit is not largely driven by this dynamic amounts to reckless naiveté bordering on insanity. Where does such an inadvertently destructive impulse originate?


While this is a fine description of the nature of potentate activity, the answer for so many is simply to waddle off to another Jesus. There are hundreds of them, maybe thousands, really, constructed for the most robust idol worship as a terrific tool to keep the reprobate in check.

It is what God put in place for those who'd refuse to turn to Christ and live their lives in joy and peace and contentment by kneeling in the courts of the One who is true beauty and glory and righteousness because He has abundantly offered freedom and salvation and mercy.

And yes, this does involve being vibrantly immersed in His cancel culture.

I say this because in my last post I beamed about the character Eli in the film The Book of Eli and thought he was a terrific example of someone who cancels the evil on behalf of the Kingdom. I wondered if I'd made my point clearly enough: That no one can cancel evil on their own -- only Christ can do that. But like Eli, we must acknowledge our limitations such as our spiritual blindness, let him empower us with both strength and sight, and only then may we do the Kingdom things we can.

This does involve cancelling, however. No one in a discursive community can ever avoid that. If you say something -- anything -- it means you're affirming there is a thing that is contradictory. If you accept you're a "canceller," then let's be honest. The follower of Christ can accept that he or she may be out and about in His name "cancelling" things that are evil, and that includes truthfully and prayerfully calling out the folly of things like mask-wearing and racist struggle sessions. Doesn't mean we are forcing anyone to do anything -- that is indeed Caesar's job! 

But it also doesn't mean we aren't allowed to deeply feel it when people continue to do things that murder -- Jesus felt it all the time! Check out, just from the gospel of Mark, chapter 3 verse 5 -- Jesus was angry! Oh I don't think Tim Keller would like that. Chapter 6 verse 6 -- Jesus wondered at their unbelief! Chapter 8 verse 12 -- Jesus sighed deeply, essentially about so many people just not getting it.

So yeah, the question cannot be emphasized enough: Which cancel culture are you in? The Kingdom's, where people genuinely feel it that so many are given over to such destructive beliefs and they say something, or one of Cain's that looks and sounds and feels so good because it is so "non-mean" or "anti-racist" or "kind and caring because I'M WEARING THREE MASKS DAMMIT!"? The Kingdom dweller cannot be effective if he or she merely shuffles over to another "program" or "mandate" or "noble principle" invented by the World, because it is always just another psy-op.

Again, take a look-see at "The Politics of Witchcraft." Foyle's question there at the end of the posted excerpt may certainly be answered by Scripture, but Saussy elaborates much more comprehensively on those politics with his book Rulers of Evilwhere Saussy comes to the sublime realization that it is folly to resist human authority (which you'll see him mention in "Politics") but rather it is better to leave it be to do its thing yet understand it for the most robust articulation about it. Please, check out ROE as well, it is well worth it.

Just a heads-up, I wrote a bit more about The Grand Psy-Op in my latest home page piece. I'd like to think that I may help with answering Mr. Foyle's question, and share with anyone having the same question Who The True Answer is. I once overheard a gal on the phone once say, "I talk because I want to know what I want to say." I think that very much applies to me and my webzine work, my blogging -- and certainly to anyone enjoying discursive activity -- I write because I want to know what I want to say. Sometimes I don't get it the way I want, but I work at it. I only hope I am doing well for my Lord.

And that my readers would find His rapturous embrace out of all the cancelling that goes on. Some day that will all be over, and all that is left is eternal fellowship with Him in His courts. I hope you will be there with me.


The posted image was from the MD Anderson Center's website. Thank you.



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