Tuesday, June 14, 2016

So Few Get It. And Those Who Do, I Hardly Hear From Them. Very Sad.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots is being said about this Orlando night club shooting. I've already assembled a good sized chunk of words writing about it, back in 2012. Yeah, back then. Same stuff still applies.

And the same deafness, and blindness, and dumbness reigns all about.

Yesterday I wept some more, but not for the 50 murdered victims. Oh, I do grieve for them, but I weep for those alive right now sucked into the World's conception of everything that's happening. I weep for them because their fate will soon enough be the fate of the perpetrator and the victims.

Confused already? Maybe. Maybe if your mind is calcified with intractably regimented Catholicist principles it is. In fact, it will continue to be so throughout the rest of this post. Unless, of course, you want to take the red pill and enter the real world. That's up to you.

It is simple.

Every single one of those people in that night club were sinners. It wasn't because they were in the night club or they were homosexually-minded or for any other reason than they generally wanted to do things to hurt other people while turning their backs on God. Yes, angling to put your genitals into the orifice of another individual of the same sex or allowing another to do the same to you for the purpose of gaining sexual gratification -- essentially using that individual as an object for the expression of your immorality -- is a sexual crime and involves hurting another human being. Don't like the word sinner? Okay, how about simply hurter.

That shooter, the troubled Muslim man, he was a sinner too. If he did indeed do all the ritualistic Muslim things to try to earn his favor with God but did not repent of his compulsions to hurt other people and turned to God to worship Him in spirit and in truth, then what he did was about hurting other people. Oh my, how many did he hurt, and how many Muslims who are told to "murder the infidel where you find him" are a vibrantly enraged part of that hurt.

And just because I must say this to be fair, I'm a sinner too. I've done horrifically evil things to other people too. Yes, we're all on a greased slide to hell. Me too, just as much as any of those others.

Right away most readers who've been proficiently indoctrinated with the System's humanist dogma will say "Oh that's just what you believe. I don't believe that religious stuff. I don't believe in heaven or hell or any of that fairy tale stuff, and I even believe if you talk about it a lot then that's just bad."

Fine, you can believe whatever it is you want to believe. But if justice means anything, then what I've just shared is categorically true, no matter what benighted beliefs you have.

Oh how politically incorrect all of this is. That's precisely the way the World works -- words elucidating the truth about authentic justice are smothered in revulsion for the purpose of keeping people in their secure pod of comfort protecting them from the searing jabs on their conscience so System Ops can keep sucking the life out of them.

So what do we all do? Just resign ourselves to the meaningless of our sinfulness and party down in drunken resignation?

Or do we turn to a Savior?

Christ is the only answer to all of this, and because of that my prayers now are for every single one of those 53 survivors, really, I do pray for them, that they'd be healed and restored and physically whole again. And I do for one main reason, and it isn't because I'm told I have to pray to be a good Christian or any of that.

I do it because I want them to find Christ. I want them to have the chance to see and hear and come to The One who loves them so much He died for them no matter how many sexual crimes they've committed, The One who completely forgives them of those things -- sends those things as far as the east is from the west -- just like He did for me.

I'm no better. But because of the astounding pain I've caused to people -- yes, even because of my own sexual sins -- I know. I know what all that means, and I know about the beauty and greatness and majesty and mercy of a God Who Loves With His Life.

But what are these people going to be told by the World? They will be told what Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Tony Award winning actor and playwright said in his acceptance speech Sunday night. "Love is love is love is love is love..." and on and on. When I saw him say that I wanted to puke, because it is so wickedly disingenuous and indeed one of the typically disrepresentative things anyone could ever say.

No one is saying someone can't love someone. But love is something. And to these people, loving another means celebrating sexual crimes. Loving another means you have not only a right but a duty to sexually abuse someone else in the name of keeping the movement alive. Sorry Mr. Miranda, but

That's not love.

In fact, because you had to say, "Love is love is love is love is love is love..." 57 times over must mean that you doth protest too much. It means you don't believe it yourself. People loudly cheering and applauding it all on national television must mean they don't believe it. Millions of deeply emotionally wounded humanists browbeating others into endorsing sexual abuse crimes by calling them bigoted narrow-minded Neanderthals all the time, lumping them in with Muslim gay haters, and working like crazy to have some system of full-on government prosecution for those who confidently embrace sexual health and moral principles means you don't believe it and have to try to shut up those who have the only solution to what is shredding your soul...

Jesus Christ.