Hate Speech is Indeed a Crime, and Understanding This May Take Some Time

Sadly, for so many, understanding that hate speech is indeed a crime will never happen. It'd be nice, but it just won't happen. We've been a civilized people for, what, at least 6,000 years, and we're still not getting it. We look around at people trying and trying and trying and just get exasperated.

I confess, I do too. I look at it all, and get exasperated. I'm working at acceptance, something I myself have been on about for some 20, 30 years. Acceptance is a very good thing, but it is still hard for me to not feel it when people simply refuse to see what is right in front of their eyes.

Oh, Jesus did the same thing, trust me. You can find how he felt in Scripture, His own words. Read about His feelings here, in just these few verses from the gospel of Mark -- 3:5, 6:6, 8:12 -- yeah, check it out.

Jesus got exasperated.

So yeah, I really can't add anything else to what I've shared, to what I've encouraged people to look at in Scripture or in a more intellectually rigorous approach to things happening all about and how they got that way, history, science, current events, philosophies, movements. I've thought about adding more on the idiocies of sodomism, racialism, and socialism, and yeah, there is so much more. So many people are rocketing themselves to hell based on their willful adoption of the hate speech vomited at them regarding these things.

And that is indeed a lot of it. So much of what people should be seeing and understanding in this thing reality is told to them by their "handlers." I like that phrase, your handlers. Those are the powerful people out there, sometimes they are referred to as the mandarins, those who have the System-girding privileges to govern your thoughts and feelings about things.

You know, I've been reading Acts again in my devotional time. I was very interested to note that when he could be out and about after his conversion experience, the very first major address Paul made was to tell a poser, "You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right! You are full of all kinds of deceit and trickery! Will you never stop perverting the right ways of the Lord?"


I mean, those words truly blew my mind, because really...

They are the exact same words we should be saying to the people managing the mainstream media networks regarding its extraordinarily overwhelming hate speech dissemination.

I've already gone into great detail about what precisely that is in my last home page piece and all the blogging I've done since. If I continue with it I'll be up to "Hate Speech is Indeed a Crime Part 57", and more. And there will be more. I'll continue blogging about it all. I'll continue writing in my webzine about the details, praying people would read -- and understand.

You know, last week in and around all the terror attacks, all the grand political goofiness, the communications app company Line went public. The stock started around $42 and has still been hovering in that range. I'd never known about this company, I guess it was a big deal. When I looked it up, I discovered Line is all about making sure all your messaging phoning texting posting photosharing emailing chatting groupchatting grouptexting nationforming any and all that stuff is alllll taken care of.

Here's the thing.

What, really, is the substance of what courses through those wires?

What exactly is that?

What is meaningfully transmitted from one individual to another, from one group to another?

Is it hate speech disguised as the most tolerant pusillanimous plap that people feel they must share with one another so they can be so pukifyingly polite, or is it

Truth and Grace?

Do you really want to see, know, comprehend, grasp truth, and then find the greatest joy in discovering that truth is really a Person?

Again, I like blogging, and will do it again sometime. Thanks for stopping by to read some, thanks. But to get the full breadth of what it means to look deep into the far reaches of Truth, I'd love to invite you to look over my webzine. My home page piece about exasperation from a number of years ago is here, by the way.

Even better, find Him here.

God Bless.


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