Hate Speech is Indeed a Crime, One Last Take... At Least For Now

I just wanted to briefly confess some naivete, and elaborate a bit on the things I shared that are hate speech crimes but the World seems to be perfectly happy blapping loudly about.

Remember those things?

If I told you to go steal something from the store across the street, and you were particularly impressionable and went off to do it, would I not be complicit in the theft? If I am, I can't see how I haven't committed a hate speech crime.

If I told you to go commit a sexually immoral or indecent act with someone else, even if that someone else appeared to be perfectly fine with it, and I furthermore shared with you explicit instructions about how to do it and how to feel about it, would I not be complicit in sexual abuse? If I am, I can't see how I haven't committed an act of hate speech.

If I told you to act on your desire to obtain something someone else has, particularly when it appears that someone else is in a different tribe with common physical features divergent from yours, and I furthermore enlisted the forces of established powerful individuals to secure those things to play up the perceived evils of the other tribe as a rationalization for your actions, would I not be complicit in exploitive appropriation?

The fact is millions of people are complicit in these acts all the time when they engage in socialism, sodomism, and racialism. What is so sorrowful is that most of those millions don't even know they are doing it.

Look at that first one. Socialism. Again, people like that things are equal, that things are fair, that people are treated with respect no matter how educationally disabled they are and unable to do a job someone with less disability can do. That's fine. But when powerful individuals, groups, or institutions mandate that others have large measures of their value appropriated to make sure this notion of equality eventuates, isn't that simply a form of theft?

Isn't this a violation of the commandment against theft?

Or how about the one on sodomism? The term is one deplored by the System devotees, but it merely means the most zealous endorsement of sexual immorality and ruthless rejection of anyone who opposes it on sexual health grounds. Thing is, as I thought about it, as I thought about the teleological truth that the only healthy sexual relations are those between a committed adult man and woman, and that having a sexual encounter with anyone else is a crime against the ones in that committed relationship, then isn't that simply a form of adultery?

Isn't this a violation of the commandment against adultery?

Then there is racialism, and my confession of naivete. When I wrote in one of my previous blog posts in this series, I referenced a video made by a gal who said, essentially, that blacks cannot be racist and that only whites can. Since then I've gotten the idea that this is an idea that has been prominent in the World devotee black community for a long, long time.


I just didn't know.

First, I can only refer you back to my question from the previous blog. Ask yourself this question, very seriously: Where did they get that idea? Really, who put that idea into their brains? I did deliberately emphasize "World devotee black community" because I know so many blacks who are smart, savvy, spiritually gifted, and they understand the demonic nature of such a position.

I truly believe one of the reasons I'd never heard of this idea is because so many people, of all races, know how contemptibly idiotic that mentality is, and are very careful with its dissemination. I guess in today's wretchedly racialist environment it is more permitted to share, I don't know.

But I do want to make this overarching point through all of this.

It is that those hate speech crimes are ultimately violations of three of the Ten Commandments.

Oh, sorry, by the way, what is the violation of racialism, there in the Ten Commandments? Did you catch it?

Isn't this a violation of the commandment against coveting?

I'm not saying blacks shouldn't have anything that is good and righteous that whites enjoy, but covetousness is a heart condition, really. And in the sense of racialism, it is the claim that whites have a lot of things blacks don't have for the expressed purpose of keeping blacks in a persistent state of victimhood.

Is it true exploiters in all of these instances violate the Ten Commandments? Sure! Rich people could indeed be stealing from the poorer people. Married people could be abusing each other with terrible emotional violence -- many do! Racists get away with a lot of the worst kinds of exploitation. The Ten Commandments condemn each individual equally.

But the ultimate answer is not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton! Each of them actually want these things to flourish because then they get more air time to tell everyone how they're the ones to solve them! This is how its been for millennia! They're given marching orders from deeper politics operatives who keep it all assembled and thriving!

One of the main purposes of the Ten Commandments is to show us that we'll never meet those requirements, and that we need a savior who makes us alive again to be empowered to love one another so we can even live above the requirements of the law.

That's merely because we may love because Christ loved us first.

And from that is this truth...

It isn't about socialism, sodomism, or racialism -- really. I mean, really, I can understand why people believe in the precepts of each. I can see why they feel the way they do, why they say the things they say. They're hurting, wounded, angry, scared people.

It is, however, all about whether or not they actually understand the principle behind the First Commandment. It is simply the answer to this question.

Do you have any other gods besides God?

That's the main question, really. All the other considerations of who's doing what, who's violating what commandment or not violating it, all of it comes from the truth about who you are worshipping.

And I know, there are so many gods. I grieve for those who worship a god of ___. (Fill in the blank with just about anything. It seems most people like putting in that blank "The Crusade", both humanists and religionists alike. It just feels so good.)

Sadly, are people fellowshipping with people who understand and know God? I've written tons in my webzine about how churches who say they believe on Christ are just as much the World as anything, and are so frighteningly inadequate to share Christ and His love with World inhabitants who can't imagine not being a loud, blustering part of The Crusade.

This is the last post of the month. All this stuff about hate speech crimes.

I can only pray, as always, that people would find the Living World, a refreshing fountain of mercy and grace.

And I can of course write a little about Him.


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