Hate Speech is Indeed a Crime. But... Then What?...

I finally uploaded my latest home page piece, and I had a goal of making a reasonably clear statement about this thing speech. I think I was able to share some lucid considerations, but I realize it is a subject that is so complex and multi-faceted that it requires much more -- ahem -- talking about it.

What I've seen out there in the big bad world right now is a lot of rigmarole over what kind of speech is acceptable. There is this conception mostly among conservative/libertarian types that any speech is acceptable ("Hey! First Amendment baby!") but this always reflects a pathetic refusal to do the intellectual hard work to understand what's really happening.

In fact, I've come to the realization that hate speech is indeed a crime, and should be fully prosecuted with the full extent of the law. The terribly troubling part about that is, what is it exactly that should be prosecuted? This is a critical component of the presently raging culture war, and is it raging.

For instance, the homosexualist voice out there will insist that if I say "Homosexual activity destroys the lives of those who engage in it", that is a hate speech crime. In my view, someone who says "Those who say 'Homosexual activity destroys lives' should be penalized in some way", that is a hate crime, and they should be penalized.


Thank God for the Kingdom. Thank God for mercy and forgiveness and grace and hope and the knowledge that He loves and opens His arms to us from that.

Again, there is so much more to all of this, and I was hoping to blog a bit more this month about the things I simply could not plug into my home page piece. Already it is a bit less cohesive than I'd like, but it'll do. But again, I can add some things here, and I hope to. We'll see.

I do want to say that last night I watched this family Pixar film Zootopia with my wife and daughter. Some of the film's thrust was pukifyingly World indoctrination. The theme song was "Try Everything," and when I hear stuff like that from these kinds of things I know they're subtly getting across the idea that you should experiment sexually for you to be truly fulfilled. In Frozen it was "Let It Go!" and I don't believe there is one person paying attention who doesn't understand that this means "Stop holding back on your splendidly novel sexual identity." I've heard too much already about the pressures on Pixar to give Elsa a girlfriend. Wow.

There was also the horrific racialist angle. Fighting racism is fine, but when it becomes racialism, it is just as ugly. In Zootopia a certain kind of animal was labelled and stereotyped and was even having penalizing things happen to them -- losing jobs and being marginalized and being sent to the ghetto -- those kinds of things. So then it was perfectly fine for all those railing against the racism to go on a witch hunt, accusing anyone who wasn't among the persecuted kind of being racist because so much fear and loathing was everywhere.

The interesting thing is that the movie did, in some way, make a strong case for how all of this crap happens. The racist persecution hysteria was stirred by a politician trying to legitimize her authority. Pretty much what happens in our real world. Furthermore, animals were shot with hallucinogenic bullets to make them savages, yep, that's also pretty much how the real World works.

Only here, instead of the bullets, it's the words that pour through the authorized media channels.

Zootopia is about making sure everyone who is wildly different gets along. The film itself is a glorious paeon to the humanist vision of making that happen simply through willpower and resolve and the requisite System dogma pouring through our craniums. Please know that this is indeed what the System must do to manage a population given over to licentiousness and racialism and plain old murder and deceit and theft.

The way out of all of that to truly have actual getting along among people?

That requires the Kingdom.

That requires believing on the One Who Loved First.

Fake World love is okay, for a while, I guess.

Wouldn't you want the real one? And wouldn't you want to talk with people whose speech comes from Him and His words and His Kingdom?

I truly believe the sodomist and the racialist so rail against that because when Jesus is introduced to them, they only have some Catholicist variation of that Jesus in their minds, and they've been hypnotically entranced to reject it with everything they've got.

Oh that they'd be introduced to the Real One.

Oh that there'd be Kingdom people to do that...


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