Hate Speech is Indeed a Crime, Part V

I wanted to continue the thread from the last post with a few more thoughts, but I won't have time to continue it as I'd like. I just don't have the time. I may put in a "Part VI" with more later, but I'm afraid there will always be more to blog on. There is so much the World is doing to draw people into its clutches, and much of it involves the most hateful speech there is.

For now I can briefly add this to top off my remarks on socialism from the last post.

No matter how much you think socialism is the answer in some form or another, even if you are the nicest sounding Christian -- and yes, much of socialism's strength comes from very nice-sounding Christians -- governance works it out so that powerful exploiters, rich people very good at value extraction, continue to get rich so governance can appropriate more of wealth.

Progressive taxes mean it can get more tribute. And governance needs gobs of rent-bestowed exploiters out there for sucking up more tribute.

The question is, where did said rich person get that measure of value? From his/her customers, of course! It's really their money, a reflection of their productive value. In most cases it is legitimately handed over in some form or another, but far too often it is extracted through exploitative means.

Governance manages the sinful behavior of its charges, and must extract tribute for that. How great to appropriate more of it through a rich person! It still comes from the lower income extractees no matter how it looks. And how great is it for 100 million non-labor-force participating people to believe they can only be someone through the good graces of rich people.

It's all human sacrifice. "Socialism" is just another way Cain's legacy can do its duty.

The World is only about which exploiters are powerful enough to put a whole slew of exploitees on the altar. And they switch around which one is which all the time. There is always some exploiter more powerful than you. Funny how so many think they're somebody. Funny, if not pukifyingly tragic.

And what, exactly is this thing, governance?

It is composed of nothing other than the Roman Catholic Church, the federal government, the Federal Reserve, the mass media conglomerate, the college and university conglomerate, and all of their subdivisions: non-profit churches, ministries, and charities; the state and local government offices; the banks and financial firms.

There is only one way off the altar.

That is through the Kingdom.

You can't get there through the wide gate.

Only the narrow one.

Again, I can't write more now. I'd love to. I always am. Visit my webzine if you're interested in more of the contrast.


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