Hate Speech is Indeed a Crime, Part III

I am blogging yet again on a day when otherwise I'd be at work giving every once of attention to my job. I am blessed to do this now because I have time off from work for a while. I'm also committed to sharing more out of my latest home page piece in which I make the case that hate speech is indeed a crime, and that there should indeed be laws governing it.

The twist is that just as much as the liberal politically correct crowd is obsessed with speech police enforcement of offensive language violations, they too are subject to the same laws. When someone screeches "You microaggressed me!" I am perfectly within my rights to insist right back, "You're microaggressing me! You're the one who's violating healthy speech expectations!"

Yesterday I went into a bit more detail about how sodomous behavior actually destroys those who engage in it and as such I am perfectly justified in speaking out against it, and indeed it is those openly and vocally insisting on society's celebration of it who are committing the hate speech violations. Today I want to get a bit more into another of the claims/statements/assertions fomenting everywhere, this one particularly nasty with relation to the spewdom of the mainstream newscasting hegemony.

It is that of racialism. Not racism, racialism, which is the witch hunt for anyone who is perceived to be doing anything that may even remotely be considered racist, calling them out, and amplifying their violations so they may be duly prosecuted in the court of public opinion if not in actual courts where the most severe penalties may be assessed.

I could address the intensely hysterical amplification of any instance a white police officer shoots a black man. Whether or not the shooting is justified is beside the point -- now even writing that makes the racialist go apoplectic, by no means do I think any unjustified shooting is okay. The point is when the media disproportionately showcase a black victim harmed at the hands of a white man, they are sending a hate speech message. The message:

Whites are racist to the core and penalties must ensue in some form.

This is racialism, it is evil, and it is hate speech.

One of the most wretched examples of this comes from the Los Angeles Times. Recently they've been on a zealous crusade to make sure people working in Hollywood are sufficiently diverse. It has gone so far as to become mean-spirited, nasty, vicious -- this is the whole tenor of the crusade. Essentially: "Hey white Hollywood power brokers, if you don't deliberately showcase more people considered minority then you will be tarred with the label racist and we will not stop browbeating you with vitriol until you either bend the knee or completely disappear."

Who are those considered minority? I could list all the classifications, but you can look at them all plainly exhibited in their newspaper -- they've had this kind of gallery more than once. It can, however, be narrowed into one simple classification, really. It is identified in the second of my examples of the worst kinds of hate speech from my home page piece:

"It is best to be wary of American-English speaking, conservative, older, masculine-oriented, white males because they are mostly angry racists."

It is plainly the case, the Los Angeles Time echoing the wicked mentality of much of their constituency: "We need more diversity!... except for American-English speaking, conservative, older, masculine-oriented, white males."

One of the reasons this itself is hate speech is because besides being horrifically racialist, it is indeed, yes, quite racist. I refer to "American-English speaking" because white people with accents tend to be considered foreigners and are due some special privileged considerations. I also make reference to "masculine-oriented" because included among minorities are any LGBT-minded individuals.

Know what else? See if you can see who else it is racist against? It is one of the fascinating aspects of this that is completely lost on the racialist crusaders.

It is racist against those they claim to be helping.

Look at the message. "You minority people, you are losers because of the white power hegemony and you must have our help to make it in life." The racialist crusaders are certainly not against the most despicable paternalism, no, that's perfectly fine.

In fact, much of this is driven by a still raging devotion to the philosophy of postmodernism, even as those in academia have fully grasped its logical bankruptcy. Postmodernism is still giving cover for those who want to feel better about their asinine paternalistic self-righteousness.

Postmodernism is the position that there is no truth, and that any claims that anyone should know the truth are merely (a) narratives derived from one's interpretive community and as such have no real cognitive strength or meaningful value outside of that community and (b) attempts to exert an unjustified measure of power over other groups who have their own perfectly reasonable narratives.

The reason academia are seeing the untenable nature of such a position is phenomenally simple. You don't have to be a genius to get it, by any means. Postmodernism rests on the assumption that there is no objective truth. Thus the question: Is it true that there is no truth? The postmodernist: "It is not only true that there is no truth, but I assert the truth of narrative distinctions and power assertions and blah blah blah..."

Not a whole lot of people want to sound like an idiot.

What happens now is academia personnel backtrack on that aspect of it but they still live by its precepts. And those precepts continue to seep into the mainstream through the disseminating broadcasting personalities who merely spout the stuff that's written on the script for them to spout.

One such example was in a brief video I saw, I don't know how I was directed to it, a friend on Facebook or something maybe, not sure. But it was of a young black woman, I believe she was even sharing this on MSNBC -- I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised because the NBC network is one of the main folly marketers and an extraordinarily powerful one at that. She essentially said this:

"It is okay for blacks and other minorities to get away with being racist because they are not part of the white power establishment. This is why it is not okay for whites to get away with it."

The brutal irony of this is that if her postmodernist take here is accepted as the valid one and fully adopted by all, what happens when her particular community -- presumably that of this monolithic force minorities, finally exerting their power as the ::gulp:: majority -- become the power establishment? Does that then make it okay for whites to be racist?

Besides the fact it is stunningly racist, racialist, paternalistic, and silly because it is based on the silliness of postmodernism, it is also shared without any challenge by anyone who is smart enough to call her on it. How discouraging it is that so many who know the truth about this evil are saying nothing.

Furthermore, she is getting her copy from someone. As much as she says she's doing her own thinking and she says she's her own person and she gets commended by so many for her own genius brilliant insight and thoughtfulness...

She is being fed this tripe from someone.

Even if you can identify the people in the university where she was trained in this stuff, from whom did they get their indoctrination?

Do you know?

In fact much of the media world elite would love for you to benignly dismiss understanding that truth. While I was in the doctor's office the other day I browsed through a Time magazine and came across an article about an individual whose "stage" name is "PewDiePie". I'd never heard of this guy, but he's extremely popular among the teenage/young adult male demographic -- 44 million regular subscribers. It seems that all he does is show Youtube videos of him playing video games and riffing on any other hip thing he wants to drone on about.

Lev Grossman closes his piece of June 6 of this year: "Nobody directs PewDiePie, nobody writes his lines, nobody handles him. He's pioneering a new kind of fame that never existed before: it's not manufactured by a studio or network, it's handmade, at home, subscriber by subscriber, view by view."


PewDiePie is just as much a product of the people who put things into his brain to bilge into the brains of his followers as anyone else.

You are following someone.

Ultimately it gets down to two different people. You are following one or the other.

You are following Jesus, or you are following the Devil.

Yes, this is not a new truth or one that is lost on very many people, yes. It is just that it is violently dismissed by a humanist naturalist academia-media power hegemony of itself led by those hypnotically devoted to wiping out any semblance of the supernatural influences on our lives.

Lots of people have influenced PewDiePie to say and do the things he says and does, no matter how ribald or novel his rants are. The question again is, who is influencing those people?

Who is influencing millions to be racialist, or sodomist, or anything else that gets people to straight away reject the words Jesus has shared, all in the name of doing what they believe is really the righteous stuff?

When really, it is just as much hate speech as anything else.

The key here is that while the hate speech laws should apply to them just as much as anyone else, followers of Christ want people to not have to endure the brutal reality of that hell. That is why they do share Him and His work and His authority.

The follower of Christ knows he/she is just as guilty as anyone else, the law condemns them just as much as anyone else.  The difference is they know what real mercy is, what real forgiveness is, what real grace and hope and beauty is. There is eternal life, and there is death that looks like life.

It is a matter of the World, which keeps people enslaved to their benighted, destructive conceptions of what they think is righteous, or the Kingdom which authentically frees.


(July 7 Note: Just tonight eleven police officers in Dallas were shot, four of them fatally, during the tail end of a "Black Lives Matter" rally. On Facebook I shared a friend's photograph -- shown below -- and added these words:
When will we stop the racialism. Yes, racism is bad, but racialism is just as bad. What happened in Dallas tonight is due in part to a racialist mainstream media that goes apoplectic any time a white police officer takes any action against a person of color. Words often translate into the actions of those who heed them -- especially when they come from the extraordinarily powerful MSM. I fear tonight's incident in Dallas isn't the worst of it... 
It is good to know we have a Savior who holds us in His hands no matter what happens. In light of these horrific events, I may still pray and pray and pray that people would actually see this nightmarish stuff for what it is, get out of the humanist-powered racialist idiocy, and turn to Christ.)


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